Scott Boman running for Detroit Board of Education

Although this press release does not identify him as such, Scott Boman has been an activist in the Libertarian Party for many years.

Detroit, MI – At least one of the looming vacancies on the much-maligned Detroit Board of Education is now destined to be filled. On Thursday September 2nd, local educator Scott Boman officially declared his intent to be a write-in candidate for the Detroit Board of Education Voting District 7. Currently East-side activist Ronald Cleveland holds the position. Cleveland has chosen not to seek election for another term.

Boman is a native Detroiter who currently serves as a part-time college professor at Wayne Community College District and Macomb Community College. He also substitute teaches in a few suburban school districts. “I have been blessed with a wonderful education and a rewarding teaching career. This seems like a perfect opportunity to give something back.” said Boman. Boman has a Master of Arts in Physics from Western Michigan University, and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching at Wayne State University. He holds a Professional Teaching Certificate.

Boman is no stranger to the Detroit Public Schools. From 1992 through 1998 Boman served as a full and part-time substitute teacher. As recently as last Fall Boman taught mathematics at the Catherine Ferguson Academy as part of the WCCCD dual enrollment program. Boman commented, “I have taught in most of the schools in this district, many of which are no longer in use. My mother retired from the Detroit Public Schools, and I was born in Detroit, so I feel a close connection with this district.”

General election candidates for the 5th and 7th Voting District vacancies were to be selected in the August 3rd primary, but no one chose to run. As a result no candidates names will appear on the ballot, rather Boman must run as a write-in candidate. “Ironically, the most challenging part of my campaign will be teaching voters how to spell my name. I normally teach math, physics, and astronomy, but the unusual spelling of my name presents another challenge.” Scott Boman (B-o-m-a-n) has no “W” in his last name; the more common spelling is “B-o-w-m-a-n.” Boman mused, “Throughout my life people have been transcribing my name into the more common spelling. They even do this when the correct spelling is right in front of them.”

The lack of candidates in August was only one manifestation of controversy surrounding the District. In late July the Detroit City Council voted to not place a referendum before the voters that would have called for Mayoral control of the public schools. Mayor Dave Bing and U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan supported such a referendum. The term of Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb ends March.

“I don’t see Mayoral control as a panacea.” Said Boman. “The Mayor of this troubled city has enough on his plate already, and there are deep systemic problems that such a modest change could not remedy. I do, however, look forward to working with the Mayor in a positive roll to help the children in our city. Robert Bobb has made a lot of positive changes, but not without some pain. As a union member, I feel for teachers who have struggled with uncertainty, but they too must realize that business as usual is not sustainable in the midst of this depression.” Boman went on to say, “I think we should listen to the Mayor and learn from what Bobb has done. The idea of supporting a school system with money that trickles down from Lansing, after it has been taken from local citizens is, to say the least, inefficient and cantankerous, but it is what we have to work with, for now. I hope to be a voice of change: Let’s return control of education to local parents, and respect to Detroit.”

3 thoughts on “Scott Boman running for Detroit Board of Education

  1. Jason Gatties

    Scotty is also on the ballot this November for Michigan’s Secretary of State as a Libertarian. It will be interesting to see which race he concentrates on more.

  2. Scotty Boman

    Thanks for the press.

    I thought this would get more press if I left out the SOS race since the MSM loves to ignore Libertarians. Perhaps they figured it out anyway.

    IPR figured it out though!

    The real journalism is here!

    PS: They incumbant, Ronard Cleveland says he is running as a write in too.

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