Scott Lee Cohen News Roundup

Everybody’s favorite Independent candidate for Governor of Illinois in 2010 (the only one to be precise) gets a campaign update on IPR today.

  • Weren’t sure if Cohen planned to open up his massive coffers on his independent bid for Governor? Think again. Cohen is definitely playing it honest with voters: he plans to cut wasteful programs, but says he will need expert advice to pick out the specifics.

Cohen is relying on his own savings and individual contributions to pay for his campaign. “I’ll spend $3 million, $6 million, whatever is necessary,” he said. 

  • In what is apparently a pretty significant ad buy, Scott Lee Cohen has a radio ad on the air right now. The candidate also has several billboards up.
  • Is Pat Quinn worried about Cohen? The Democratic nominee is calling on his former running mate to release his tax returns
  • The former Lieutenant Governor nominee for the Democrats is tired of questions about his past (particularly his controversial divorce).
  • Cohen is campaigning hard among Chicago’s African American community, although a caveat may be required.

Cohen also hopes to appeal to minority voters, who he says have been “taken for granted” by Democrats and “neglected altogether” by Republicans.

He hosted a recent breakfast with a coalition of black ministers, speaking to them about job growth. He also picked up the endorsement of the black-owned Kankakee City News, who called Cohen the candidate who “best reflects the interests of the Illinois African-American electorate.”

His reaching out to minority groups in the suburbs, and the suburbs as a whole, hasn’t been as great.

Temi Latinwo Jones, of the Elgin NAACP, said she had not seen any signs or evidence that Cohen had been working to gain black votes in the west suburbs. Neither has the Rev. Nathaniel Edmond, of Elgin’s Second Baptist Church, a leader among black churches in the area.
  • In case you missed it, a Chicago Tribune poll last week pegged Scott Lee Cohen at 4% support in the race at the moment.

One thought on “Scott Lee Cohen News Roundup

  1. RPR

    Am I the only person who finds this whole situation really funny? This guy refuses to quit, in spite of putting a knife to the throat of a prostitute during what was probably a coke-fueled rage! Waste of money, if you ask me, but you can’t call this guy a quitter!

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