A Libertarian’s Declaration of Independence from the Republican Party

The Myth of the Two-Party System by Casey Given at Students for Liberty, UC Berkeley, quoted at Poli-Tea:

Perhaps I’m just blind, but I fail to distinguish any semblance of dissimilarity between Republicans and Democrats in modern politics. On the federal level, both parties have supported foreign interventionism in Iraq and Afghanistan, massive bailouts via the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), violations of our civil liberties via the PATRIOT Act, and secretive prisons overseas such as Guantanamo Bay. And, mind you, this is under both Bush and Obama.

Damon Eris comments: “The now-standard Republican rejoinder to this argument admits that the GOP “lost its way,” but then pleads for “one more chance,” and points to the rhetorical opposition of Republicans to the Democrats’ evil agenda. The association between American voters and the major parties resembles nothing so much as a violently abusive relationship.”

More at Poli-Tea.

4 thoughts on “A Libertarian’s Declaration of Independence from the Republican Party

  1. Gene Berkman

    Many people in Third Parties like to say “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.” Of course, there has been a lot of inflation, so maybe there is a dime’s worth of difference.

    It is not true that the two major parties are indistinguishible. Each has some issues it stresses, and special interest groups it looks out for. But the leaders in DC of the two parties tend to compromise, and each party exerts pressure and influence on the other.

    Republicans stress law & order, and interventionist foreign policy, and Democrats move toward similar positions so that they won’t be attacked as soft of crime or anti-American.

    Democrats stress social programs, and Republicans either support Democrat programs or come up with “constructive” (ie statist) alternatives so that people won’t think they don’t care about the poor.

    So there is a difference between the parties going in, but they move toward each other, like the weighty centers of gravity that they are.

  2. Best We Can Do? [Lake]


    Twitter tool roots out disguised mass postings

    * 17:19 27 October 2010 by Jim Giles

    Spammers and astroturfers beware: computer scientists have a new method for catching attempts to artificially inflate the popularity of people and ideas through Twitter.

    The researchers have already identified two groups that are using suspicious strategies to promote Republican causes in the run-up to next week’s midterm elections.

    Political activists sometimes operate multiple Twitter accounts that appear independent but actually carry the same or very similar messages.

    To outsiders, it seems as if many different Twitter users are saying the same thing, when in reality it is a single activist putting out their message.

    Ploys like that may soon be detected automatically. [New Science]

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