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Charlie Crist: Ninth on the Ballot, First in Your Heart? by Austin Cassidy:

Charlie Crist supporters will need to do a little extra digging on Tuesday when they head to the polls. Normally, Crist’s name would appear first or second on the ballot as the nominee for the Republican Party.

In the Spring, Crist left the Republican Party and decided to continue his campaign as an independent, or more correctly stated, a candidate with no party affiliation. Florida lists the “major” party nominees first, followed by candidates from “minor” parties (there are 2 – Constitution and Libertarian) and then all of the “No Party Affiliation” candidates are listed in the order in which they filed to run for office. And while Crist filed late, he was not the last person to submit paperwork. That means Crist’s name will appear sandwiched between two other NPA candidates, ninth of ten names on the ballot.


Meek Campaign in Total Collapse, Crist Narrows Gap with Rubio by Austin Cassidy:

This week was already looking tough for Kendrick Meek, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate from Florida, who had fallen well behind Republican Marco Rubio and independent Charlie Crist. On Monday, a new Zogby poll showed Crist closing the gap with Rubio, with Meek rapidly fading into a distant and irrelevant third place.

Then today, a double dose of bad news. A new Quinnipiac poll confirmed the tightening race and put Meek at only 15%, a full 20% behind Crist. This was followed by a story from’s Ben Smith revealing that former President Bill Clinton had openly lobbied Meek to drop-out of the race last week. And worse still — Meek had initially agreed to step aside, but later reversed his decision at the urging of his wife.


Democrat Moore Backs Independent Crist for Senate by Austin Cassidy:

Former Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brian Moore today issued the following statement regarding the ongoing race for U.S. Senate in Florida:

“Former President Clinton has made it clear that Kendrick Meek cannot and will not win this race. It is time for the Congressman to step aside for the good of our state and our nation. Too much is at stake in this election.”

“Ask yourself why the Republican Party of Florida seems to want nothing more than to see Kendrick Meek stay in this race until the last votes are cast,” said Moore. “Today I want to urge my fellow Democrats to wake up and realize that the only hope we have of stopping Tea Party extremist Marco Rubio is to vote for Charlie Crist.”

Moore, 67, is a former health care executive who waged an uphill battle against Alex Sink in the August Democratic primary for governor. He captured more than 200,000 votes and his strongest showing came in Northern Florida where he nearly won several counties.

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