Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses Libertarian Matthew P. Cantrell for state treasurer

From the Plain Dealer (H/T to Ballot Access News):

In a campaign for Ohio treasurer that produced more light and less mud, Matthew P. Cantrell, the young Libertarian candidate, probably wouldn’t get a second look. That would be a mistake — especially in light of glaring deficiencies that make both major-party candidates unattractive options.

Cantrell, 28, has the best professional preparation for the job. He understands the treasurer’s core duties and supports their continuation. In other words, he’s not running for the office just to dismantle it.

6 thoughts on “Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses Libertarian Matthew P. Cantrell for state treasurer

  1. Kevin Knedler

    Very proud of our Matthew Cantrell. He is one of our best LP Ohio supporters, sits on the state Central Committee, and sits on the state Executive Committee, not to mention is our Finance Director. We are seeing the rewards now for building an organization over the past 5 years, building the LP brand, and working hard to get solid candidates to run for office. All good. Thank you Matthew.

  2. Kevin Knedler

    Furthermore, this is the first time an Ohio LP candidate running for STATEWIDE office has EVER received an endorsement from a major newspaper. Last month, our Ohio LP candidate for Secretary of State, Charlie Earl, received an endorsement from the Ohio Tea Party PAC, which was also a first.

    This may also be a first in the USA for all the state affiliates. This CAN HAPPEN, if you do the heavy-lifting of building the organization first. Now, we build upon this success and raise the bar a little higher.

  3. paulie

    Good job!

    Looks like our work in getting signatures in 2007 in Ohio is paying off. 3 of us got most of those, which gave them grounds for the lawsuit which gave them ballot access.

  4. Kevin Knedler

    Yes Paulie, you were part of this interesting journey to Ohio ballot access. I find it interesting that we don’t have more posts to this historical news. In just a few short years, this team of volunteer citizens has taken a party that was nearly broken and breathed new life into the political arena.

  5. George Whitfield

    Congratulations to Matthew Cantrell and the great Ohio Libertarian Party for this achievement and their success on many levels. Very impressive.

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