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On today’s, here, Jeff Vanke’s campaign and his balanced budget are featured in a story on independent candidates in 2010.

Jeff Vanke for Congress, Independent, 6th District of Virginia
1007 1st Street SW, Suite D, Roanoke, VA 24016
(540) 915-3786

Excerpt from that story:

(L)et’s break out of the two-party mold and take a look at some of the independent candidates across the country who are surging or struggling as Election Day approaches.

More Americans now identify themselves as independent than Democrat or Republican — and independent candidacies are on the rise. “Ninety-two percent of the voters this election will find a minor party or independent candidate on their ballot, either for statewide office or for U.S. House,” said Richard Winger of the Ballot Access News. “That’s higher than in a normal midterm year.”

The United States had four independent governors in the 1990s — Jesse Ventura of Minnesota, Lowell Weicker of Connecticut, Wally Hickel of Alaska, and Angus King of Maine — but none in the last decade.

We’ve had three independents in the Senate since 2000 — Vermont’s Jim Jeffords and Bernie Sanders as well as Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman. And independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City is mentioned as a possible candidate for president in 2012, following in Ross Perot’s self-funded footsteps.

This year, we have high-profile candidates running for governor’s mansions and for the U.S. Senate as independents.

The story treats “independent” as interchangeable with alternative political parties.

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