Jill Stein, Tim Cahill take part in 4-way Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein took part in a debate with Democratic incumbent Deval Patrick, Republican Charlie Baker, and Democrat-turned-independent Tim Cahill on Monday, October 25th. Here is footage of the debate from Boston TV station WGBH:

4 thoughts on “Jill Stein, Tim Cahill take part in 4-way Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate


    Last night’s debate was a shot across the bow of politics-as-usual. From demolishing the standard lie that budget cuts must take the form of cuts to social services, to making the case for saving billions of dollars by switching to a single-payer healthcare system,

    Jill stood apart as the one genuine outsider running to be your next governor. She told the truth about our obsession with crime in the streets while we neglect crime in corporate boardrooms — the kinds of boardrooms that front-runners Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker are all too familiar with.

    And she was the only candidate to put out a plan for immediate job creation that would pay for itself in cost savings alone.

    Please donate $75 right now to put Jill’s voice on the air for a full minute. If you donate $500 we can buy a minute of airtime on the most widely heard talk/news stations in Greater Boston. [Lake: Huh? The arithmetic …….]

  2. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Since Monday’s televised debate, we’ve started to break the sound barrier!

    Our first radio ad has hit the airways, media coverage of the campaign has improved, our website traffic is soaring, and we’ve got more promotional material in the works.

    We also have a two-pronged strategy to break the lid off of the media blackout in the final days of the campaign, and we need your help for both prongs — a ground game and an air game.

    Read on for more information on taking part in these two efforts that together will help us break through the glass ceiling Green ceiling sound barrier to make the kind of political breakthrough we urgently need.

    Daryl Sprague
    Campaign Manager
    Jill Stein for Governor

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