Libertarian candidate John Monds in the media

Kyle at LP blog:

With election day quickly approaching, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate John Monds is receiving a lot of media attention. John Monds holds the record for the highest number of votes received by any Libertarian candidate in the entire history of the party.

One of his television interviews can be found below:

5 thoughts on “Libertarian candidate John Monds in the media

  1. Steve

    Monds sounds like a great candidate, what a shame that he’s stuck in a state with such draconian ballot access laws. But he could force a run-off if the big government parties don’t get 50% right?

  2. Red Phillips

    Steve, Georgia does have draconian ballot access laws, but the Libertarian statewide candidates have automatic ballot access based on past performance. The problem is if they want to run for a Congressional district or State House or Senate.

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