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Socialist candidate for Governor decries privatization drive in public schools

Stop the race to the bottom!

Carlos Alvarez is the Peace and Freedom candidate running for Calif. Governor. He is also a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Carlos Alvarez, a socialist candidate for Calif. Governor, demands the immediate end to the ongoing “race to the bottom” that is being run by seven major school districts throughout the state.

Alvarez said, “Los Angeles, Long Beach, Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, San Francisco, and Sacramento City school districts are making a grave mistake. The push to privatize schools, tie teacher evaluations to high stakes test scores, and attack teachers’ unions is an assault on all working families. Even worse, the state of California did not get $700 million in funding from the federal government, yet these districts are placing their hopes for funding on future funding requests. If elected, I will fully fund education so that all students have access to quality education. I will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with teachers and students in the fight for real education.”

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Open the Debates!

The Peace and Freedom Party calls on all candidates for statewide office to sign the following statement on open debates.

Responses from the candidates are being posted on this page as they are received.

For the right of all ballot qualified statewide candidates to inclusion in all televised and radio debates of candidates for the office in which they are running.

The following candidates for California statewide offices call for the inclusion of all ballot qualified candidates in any debate using public air waves through television or radio for the statewide elections in which they are running . We also urge all candidates who are running for statewide office to join this call for democratic inclusion of all ballot qualified candidates on all televised and radio debates for that office in California in which they are running.

Worker’s Voter Guide and Campaign Newsletters

A Workers’ Voter Guide covering all statewide candidates and propositions is now available. Download it here. This flyer is formatted for printing on both sides of letter (8.5 x 11) paper.

A similar flyer for printing on legal (8.5 x 14 inch) paper is also available. Click here. This version was produced by the Ruyle for Congress campaign.

The Peace and Freedom Party Newsletter for October is now available. Click here to read the latest issue.

The September issue is also available. Click here to read it. Click here to download this issue as a .pdf. For an alternative version formatted for letter (8.5 x 11 inch) paper, click here.

Other Peace and Freedom Party literature, and tips on printing these documents, are available here.

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Resolution on State Woker Contracts

This resolution referred to the State Executive Committee (SEC) from the floor of the Peace and Freedom Party State Convention on August 1, 2010, and published by the SEC on October 7, 2010. For a related statement by the Peace and Freedom candidate Governor, Carlos Alvarez, click here.

WHEREAS the Schwarzenegger administration reached agreements with all 21 state employee bargaining units, these agreements were ratified by the members of each bargaining unit, and were then passed by both houses of the state Legislature, and

WHEREAS Governor Schwarzenegger refused to sign the negotiated agreements approved by the Legislature, and

WHEREAS the Governor later forced some of the smaller unions to sign contracts unfavorable to their members, and

WHEREAS the Governor imposed a furlough on those state workers who have not signed these harmful agreements, which is effectively a 15% cut in their wages during the so-called “fiscal emergency”, and

WHEREAS the Governor has threatened to pay state workers the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour until a budget act has been passed by the state legislature and signed by the Governor, further threatening the financial security of state workers, and

WHEREAS over 14,000 state workers represented by SEIU, Local 1000 have been engaged in some 80 worksite actions,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Peace and Freedom Party of California supports the efforts of California state workers to fight the Governor’s efforts to use them as pawns in his budget battle, and calls on the governor to respect state workers by paying them full and fair wages for their work, and

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