Pirate Party Considers Space-Based File-Sharing and Web Hosting

From Andy Greenberg at Forbes: via TPID:

That, at least, is the vision of some members of Pirate Parties International (PPI). PPI serves as an umbrella organization for intellectual property reform-focused ”Pirate Parties” around the world, which until April included PiratPartiet, the Swedish Pirate Party with ties to the peer-to-peer site the Pirate Bay and whistle-blower organization Wikileaks. Last weekend, a group of Pirate Party members on the group’s mailing list began discussing plans for a high-altitude balloon that would host a filesharing site in the sky, ideally out of the legal reach of any authorities whose intellectual property regulations could have it shut down. . . .

Others, including Pirate Party co-chairman Gregory Engels, seem to prefer the idea of a low-Earth-orbit satellite that would be harder to launch but easier to keep airborne than a slowly-deflating balloon. He points to a wiki already created in June by a German pirate party member to assemble ideas for that space-based piracy plan.

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