Q Salt Lake: ‘Andrew McCullough: Libertarian and Loving LGBTs’

JoSelle Vanderhooft in Q St Lake (excerpts):

McCullough, a Utah County attorney whose clients have included members of the adult entertainment industry, is a member of one of the country’s fastest growing political parties — and one of the state’s most colorful; its candidates have, at various times, included professional hypnotists, outspoken fans of marijuana and Dell “Superdell” Schanze, the former owner of Totally Awesome Computers (who made a failed bid in 2008 as the Libertarian candidate for governor, and who ran as a Republican this year). It is also a party that overwhelmingly accepts gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights; for example, Utah Libertarians include Willy Marshall, the openly gay former mayor of the Southern Utah town of Big Water.


Libertarianism has gained popularity since 2008 as its platform of what McCullough describes as fiscal conservatism, “lower taxes, smaller government and more freedom” was embraced by members of the Tea Party movement. However, McCullough said the two shouldn’t be confused, even if they share certain beliefs.

“[The Tea Party] started as a tax protest,” he said. “Unfortunately, it got taken over by religious rightists who have turned it into an anti-immigrant, tow the mark, the Bible is our watchword group. We kind of see ourselves as the Tea Party minus the intolerance.”

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