RI Moderate Party gov. candidate puts ads on television

Emailed by the Ken Block for governor campaign to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Warwick–Starting today, a new Block commercial will run. Moderate Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Ken Block’s newest ad sets him apart from his opponents by poking fun at the back and forth mudslinging that occurs between recycled politicians.

“The two best known candidates are attacking one another in the hopes that no one will notice the lack of substance in their plans for fixing Rhode Island,” said Block. “They’re more concerned with each other than they are with the voters. We should expect more. I am the only candidate fighting to represent the needs of the voters rather than engaging in knuckleheaded antics.”

Block’s commercial echoes this mentality with the depiction of “recycled politicians” arguing and shooting nerf guns at each other.

“Unlike the other candidates, I won’t be beholden to party politics and special interests,” says Block in the ad. “I’ll put people first.”

In the commercial, Block points viewers to his website, KenBlockforGovernor.com, to read his plans for reforming and rebuilding Rhode Island. This past month, Block has released four specific plans for revitalizing Rhode Island’s economy, including his Rhode Island R.E.D. (Real Economic Development) Program, Retained Earnings Plan, “Fiscal Toolkit,” and “Road Map to Sustainability.”

The newest commercial is the fourth in a series of ads that Block has released since he announced his candidacy in February of this year, and is part of a $100,000 media buy. The campaign expects to release a fifth commercial in the few weeks left before the election.

“The majority of voters are just beginning to tune in,” said Christine Hunsinger, Block’s Campaign Manager. “People are starting to pay attention, and Ken Block’s plan is resonating with them. It’s becoming clear that while the two well known candidates are focusing their energies on arguing with each other, Ken is the only candidate producing real plans to put them back to work, fix the education system, and get Rhode Island back on track.”

The commercial release follows the recent televised debate co-hosted by WPRI Channel 12 and the Providence Journal which Block participated in along with the three other main candidates. There will be three more televised debates before election day, November 2.

To view Ken Block’s newest commercial, click HERE.

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  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    The political particulars vary, but the overall drift is the same as in Indiana — Democrats under pressure.

    In Alabama, Rep. Bobby Bright, seeking separation from his party, announced recently he won’t vote to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as House speaker if he earns a new term to the seat he won in 2008.

    In Ohio, Democrats concede privately they are likely to lose the seats that Reps. Steve Driehaus and Mary Jo Kilroy won in 2008. Both parties are advertising heavily in districts where Rep. Zach Space is seeking a third term and Rep. John Boccieri a second.

    Both parties also are investing in a pair of Arizona races, one involving Rep. Harry Mitchell, first elected in 2006, the other where Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is running for re-election for the seat she first won in 2008.

    In Indiana, Republican ambitions run well beyond House seats.

    Ellsworth trails former Sen. Dan Coats in opinion polls in their race for a Senate seat.

    Republicans, who control the state Senate, hope to pick up the three seats needed for a majority in the Indiana House as well.

    If successful, they would control reapportionment of the state’s congressional districts in 2011 and strengthen their political position for a decade to come.

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