Austin Cassidy: Third Party and Independent State Legislature Victories

While none of the major third parties in the United States currently have an elected state representative anywhere in the United States. However, there are a number of independent state legislators and state legislators who belong to the Vermont Progressive Party. Austin Cassidy reports that ten independent or minor party candidate won elections last night to their state houses.

In Maine, independent Benjamin M. Chipman is leading in the race for State House District 119. Also, Richard Woodbury captured Senate District 11 as an independent, beating both a Republican and a Democratic challenger.

Maine also saw a few independents elected to local office. An independent defeated a Republican in the race for Washington County Sheriff. Another one, Susan E. Witonis, is leading a Democrat for a seat on the Cumberland County Commission. In the race for Oxford County Treasurer, independent William C. Hine II is leading Democrat Roy G. Gedat by 9,886 votes to 9,869 votes. Expect a recount.

You can read the rest of Austin Cassidy’s great report here, it lists all of the minor party and independent legislators-elect. Vermont was the biggest winner of the night, electing six non-major party candidates to the state house–three independents and three Progressive Party members.

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