Chicago Green Matt Reichel Announces Bid for Alderman

Emailed to and posted at TPID:

Matt Reichel, two-time Green Party nominee for Congress in Illinois’s 5th District, has announced to supporters that he will try to unseat 9-term alderman Gene Schulter in the upcoming municipal elections.

Reichel won about 1,000 votes in the 47th ward part of the 5th district in last week’s election, and believes he can make up the difference needed to beat Schulter. He told supporters:

Despite our vast disadvantage in resources and organization, we pulled nearly 1,000 votes in the ward for the Green Party vision. 1,000 votes for grassroots democracy. 1,000 votes for sustainable economics. 1,000 votes for peace. 1,000 votes for real monetary reform.

There are thousands of other progressives out there, who either voted Democrat out of fear of a Republican take over, or did not vote out of frustration with American electoral politics. There are thousands more, who are ready to join our movement, and make history in 2011.

Reichel says he has the necessary signatures in hand, and intend to file on Monday morning.

4 thoughts on “Chicago Green Matt Reichel Announces Bid for Alderman

  1. Carey Campbell


    This is excellent news. Matt has moxy, charisma, and even more important for a Green Party candidate, and Green Party politician, relentlessness.

    Our Green ideas are right, and correct. We must put Green Party candidates like Matt on the ballot at every opportunity.

    Matt thanks for the courage, and good sense.

    And IPR, thank you for this good news…

    More good Green Party news from Arizona. Melinda Henneburg Editor in Chief of Politics Daily writes,

    “Green is truly what’s in.”

    I would add, yes. I’m just glad the rest of you sobered up….

  2. Ross

    This is great. This is what Greens should be doing – even if they run in an unwinnable race, take those results and apply them to a more local race.

    From the 2007 results for the same seat, it looks like Reichel would be maybe 4,000-5,000 votes short of what would be needed for a win…but hopefully a campaign focused on that specific area would mean better results for him.

  3. Ross

    Oops, I misread that chart. Reichel would probably need 3,000-4,000 votes to win, assuming there’s a Republican and Democrat running, so he would need 2,000-3,000 more votes.

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