Green Party: best showings in state legislative races

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Despite having a number of promising campaigns for state legislature in various states, Greens fell short of victory in every race – a few by painfully close margins. However, one former Green running for state legislature as an independent in Maine did win.

In Maine, Fred Horch of Brunswick finished with 34% in District 66, just 4 points (or 200 votes) behind the victorious Democrat. Anna Trevorrow finished 2nd with 31% in District 120, and Seth Berner finished 2nd with 28% in District 115.

In Massachusetts, Mark Miller of Pittsfield finished with 45% in a 2-way race in the 3rd Berkshire District.

In Wisconsin, Ben Manski finished with 31% behind Democrat Brett Hulsey, who had 49%. While Manski did better among voters who designated a candidate in the race, straight-ticket Democratic votes gave Hulsey the edge.

In Illinois, Jeremy Karpen finished with 35% to 65% for Democratic incumbent Toni Berrios.

In Pennsylvania, Hugh Giordano finished with 18% in a 3-way race.

In Maine, independent Ben Chipman won House District 119 with 54% of the vote. Chipman previously worked as an aide to John Eder, who became the second US Green to be elected to a state legislature in 2002. Chipman has also run on the Green Party line in previous campaigns. While not technically elected on the Green Party line, Chipman will no doubt be a voice for Green values in the Maine State House.

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  1. Green Party Conservative

    Thanks for the Green Party news.

    The Independent Greens of Virginia are once again in the eye of the story.

    In Virginia’s 11th Congressional district the race is too close to call, a day after the polls have closed.

    The incumbent is leading by about 900 votes.

    The Independent Green candidate on the ballot and in the race David William Gillis Jr received more votes than the margin between the incumbent and the closest challenger.

    Once again the Independent Greens of Virginia show political and civic courage where it matters.

    On the ballot.

  2. Green Party Conservative

    According to the Lone Star Report:

    “Fiscally Conservative” Texas Green Party candidate Edward Lindsay wins ballot status for Texas Green Party.

    Well, it seems that Green Party candidate for Comptroller Edward Lindsay took 6.34 percent (or 251,842 votes), which puts the Greens over the 5 percent rule required by Texas election law for the same automatic ballot placement two larger parties enjoy…

    Ed also did a great job at the National Press Club October 14, 2010 Draft Bloomberg Committee press conference..

    Here’s Ed’s video

  3. paulie Post author

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  4. Robert Milnes

    If anyone noticed the red/blue map of U.S. Representatives. I think it appeared on msnbc. Anyway, it is mostly red. The only contiguous area I saw that almost completed a whole state was Maine. This is consistent with the general observation that the most progressive areas are NE, upper midwest and west coast. This has been the case since at least 1912/Teddy Roosevelt.

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