Libertarian Party campaign resources

This is on the site, although it was added only fairly recently and this is the first time I remember noticing it. You can get to it from the main page by going to “Campaign Resources” from the drop-down menu under “Action” at the top of the page. Many of the images here are also links to various manuals, brochures, flyers, etc.

Campaign Resources

[Created 7/1/2010] We are working on updating our campaign resources page. While quite a few of these publications need updating, much of the content remains relevant. A few years ago, the LP rolled out an online training program, later decided to change direction, and now we’re working to re-build our list of easily accessible online resources.

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Policy Resources

Cato Handbook for Policymakers

Polls and Surveys

CATO: The Libertarian Vote in the Age of Obama

CATO: Where are the Libertarians (estimating size of Libertarian constituency in each state)

CATO: The Libertarian Vote (2006)

PEW: A Political Rhetoric Test (includes reaction to the word "libertarian")

Center for American Progress: State of American Political Ideology, 2009 (includes libertarian)

Survey USA: North Carolina U.S. Senate race (8% of Liberals, 6% of Moderates, 4% of Conservatives Support Libertarian Beitler)

Gallup: Tea Party Supporters Overlap Republican Base

Politico: Tea Partiers in two camps: Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul

LP Ohio: Libertarian Voters Come from Democratic and Republican Parties Nearly Equally

Zogby: Two Parties or more? (58% say more)

State Affiliate Resource pages

Several state affiliates have extensive lists of helpful resources and guides. Election laws vary by state. Also, preferred strategies vary. Below are several states with extensive libraries of campaign resources

Activist Tools
Donation Form

Donation form (plain letter-size)

Downloadable Flyers


Government Gone Wild icon

Libertarian Party promotional items for sale: brochures, shirts, stickers, more Licensed vendor for Libertarian Party brochures

Carries the widest variety of Libertarian Party promotional items on the web, inculding shirts, stickers and more. logo  A New Vision brochure most recommended brochure

The Advocates for Self-Government: for World’s Smallest Political Quiz

 For the "World’s Smallest Political Quiz" kits (a.k.a. "Operation Politically Homeless Booth" kits)

Diamond Poster    Quiz Classic New

Downloadable Logos

Downloadable logos
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 81k Color jpeg  51k grayscale jpeg  7k gif (for websites) EPS format (scalable vector format for high-quality printing) 200×446 pixels gif

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3 thoughts on “Libertarian Party campaign resources

  1. paulie Post author

    I was hoping for a long time that they would do something like this, so I’m glad to see it’s being done.

    My bad for not noticing it earlier.

    IMO this should be promoted more, including a direct link from the front page.

  2. paulie Post author

    Yes…please let everyone you know who may be interested or find this helpful know that it is available on the LP website.

    That goes for everyone!

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