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Libertarian Party of Mississippi: ‘The Democratic-Republican Masquerade Party’

From the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Mississippi via TPID:

For the last several decades during election season, Candidates and Incumbents alike, campaign on fiscal responsibility and the protection of civil liberties. Year after year and election cycle after election cycle, these people are voted into office. But as soon as they’re elected, they take off their libertarian mask and revert back to their true identities, where the Government is the cure-all for most of societies’ woes.

What amazes me most, is not that they wear such cool disguises (I mean, afterall, who wouldn’t want to be called a libertarian?), but rather how many people don’t see it as a disguise. Year after year people are duped by these disguises. This year, the Republicans candidates are promising to be good little libertarians, and a lot of people believe them. The question the voters have to ask is, are they really promising fiscal responsibility and protection of civil liberties,….., or is it just a Halloween disguise?

Fortunately for us, a lot of the Republican incumbents have a voting record we can look at to determine if they’re truly interested in liberty of the individual, or if they just became more libertarian in order to get your vote.

On November 2nd, please vote Libertarian. Do not cast your vote on a disguise. Libertarians are the real deal. They are uncompromising in their defense of liberty. The Libertarian Party is known as the Party of Principle. We are called this because we are unwavering on the principles of liberty, both the economic liberty of the individual, as well as the civil, or social liberty of the individual. Libertarians believe in liberty,….period.

Danny Bedwell, chair
Libertarian Party of Mississippi