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Much larger than usual number of Libertarians for U.S. House receive over 5% of the vote

From the Libertarian Party blog analysis of the elections:

Currently we have 15 Libertarians for U.S. House who received over 5% of the vote. (That only counts races where a Republican and a Democrat both appeared on the ballot.) That’s a big increase from past years. In 2008, three Libertarians for U.S. House got more than 5%. In 2006, one candidate; in 2004, two candidates.

15 candidates with over 5%:
Carlos Rodriguez (California Dist. 28, 8.04%)
Chard Reid (Indiana Dist. 5, 7.74%)
Edward Gonzalez (California Dist. 16, 7.64%)
Marc Johnston (Ohio Dist. 2, 6.84%)
Jeffery J. Blevins (Ohio Dist. 16, 6.63%)
Nicole Patti (Arizona Dist. 1, 6.44%)
Kevin Craig (Missouri Dist. 7, 6.22%)
Mark Lambert (California Dist. 42, 6.00%)
Mike Fellows (Montana at-large, 6.00%)
Brian Smith (Ohio Dist. 5, 5.69%)
Greg “No Bull” Knott (Indiana Dist. 9, 5.48%)
Herb Peters (California Dist. 36, 5.46%)
John Duncan (Indiana Dist. 4, 5.22%)
Bill Collins (Texas Dist. 16, 5.08%)
Ed Mishou (Texas Dist. 27, 5.04%)

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  1. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton November 4, 2010

    If those 15 candidates had about $45 Million between them, one or two might have been elected. With $60-70 Million, maybe 5 would have been elected.

    Combined campaign budgets of about $2.5 Billion might get enough Representatives and Senators elected to actually be able to make some real changes.

    The LP better get busy with bake sales and car washes now if it plans on winning any national races in 2012.

  2. paulie paulie November 4, 2010

    True indeed.

  3. Starchild Starchild November 4, 2010

    When you consider that most of these candidates broke the 5% barrier despite being excluded from televised debates between their elephant/donkey rivals, massively outspent by establishment candidates bankrolled by wealthy special interests, unions and corporations, and largely ignored by the media, it becomes a somewhat more impressive achievement.

  4. paulie paulie November 4, 2010

    @1 Republican.

  5. The Shutt Chute The Shutt Chute November 4, 2010

    Does Rand Paul count as a libertarian win, or is he really just a Republican.

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