Socialist Workers Congressional Candidate in Iowa Polls Best Socialist Percentage for that Office Since 1918

Ballot Access News:

Last week, Rebecca Williamson, Socialist Workers Party nominee for U.S. House in Iowa’s 3rd district, polled 2.61% of the vote. The 3rd district includes Des Moines. That is the highest percentage that any party with “Socialist” in its name has received for U.S. House in Iowa since 1918. Williamson had a Democratic and a Republican opponent. The Socialist Workers Party has been running candidates in Iowa since 1948.

Williamson participated in a debate with her major party opponents that was broadcast on Iowa Public Television.

The only other Socialist Workers Party nominee for U.S. House who was on the ballot anywhere in the U.S. was Roger Calero, who ran in New York’s 15th district. Election night returns showed that he was polling 2.51% in a four-candidate race. His opponents were from the Democratic, Republican, and Independence Parties.

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