Springfield IL State Journal Register: Green Whitney and Libertarian Green are better choices than Scott Lee Cohen

Journal-Register article sent to us by Scott West:

On Election Day, some people will be tempted to mark their ballot for Scott Lee Cohen, the independent candidate for governor.

They will look at their ballot and see the names of Republican Bill Brady and Democrat Pat Quinn and think about all the negative advertising the two have lobbed at each other. They’ll think about the shoddy condition state government is in. They’ll think about how neither man really has a plan to fix it. They’ll think, “A pox on both their houses,” and vote for Cohen, a man who professes in ubiquitous mailers and billboards that he is “not a career politician.”

Our advice: Pass on Cohen. If people must cast a protest vote against the two major-party candidates, Rich Whitney of the Green Party and Lex Green of the Libertarian Party are better choices.

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