Third Parties get mention in Washington Post

The Washington Post published an election predictions page, with a chart of high-profile pundits and their take on the Dem/Rep spreads.

In a follow-up post, a Washington Post staffer noticed the article’s slight of third parties (if not apologizing for it.)

(excerpt from) The Washington Post
The Fix Election Prediction Contest!

Yesterday the Post Outlook section ran its annual “Crystal Ball” prediction contest where a handful of political types — the Fix included — put their best guess forward about what will happen in tomorrow’s election.

First, let’s get the official Fix picks out of the way:

…Nevada Senate race: Harry Reid 50.5 percent, Sharron Angle 49.5 percent. (Yes, we realize that we — dumbly — failed to calculate the percentages that third party candidates and “none of these candidates”.)… [Emphasis added.]

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