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Jim Cook reports at Irregular Times that Americans Elect is now listed as a political party with the Nevada Secretary of State. They are currently gathering signatures in Arizona and Nevada through Arno Political Consultants.

Americans Elect is registered as a corporation in every US state, and Kellen Arno is listed as the Secretary of Americans Elect. In the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2010, Americans Elect has paid $247,120 to Arno Political Consultants for its ballot access services. Americans Elect has plans to get on the ballot in all states.

In a separate post, Irregular Times reports on the evolving mission statement of Americans Elect. Excerpt:

A continuing feature across all versions of the Unity12 Task Force/Americans Elect mission statement is an implicit reference to some sort of policy agenda: a result to “bridge the vital center.” An essential question for Americans Elect to answer as it prepares for its apparent January 2011 launch is whether Americans Elect is an organization determined to produce a desired outcome (a centrist presidential ticket) or an organization determined to produce a desired process (the non-partisan, democratic choice of a presidential ticket). I doubt whether Americans Elect can simultaneously pursue both aims and maintain its integrity.

Americans elect was previously known as Unity12 and before that as Unity08. Their 2008 plans were stymied by the FEC, but since than the issue(s) have been resolved in their favor and it appears that they have the money behind them to do what they want to do in 2012.

Much more in the Irregular Times Archives on Americans Elect.

3 thoughts on “Update on Americans Elect

  1. Ross

    Americans Elect…because corruption and corporate power just don’t have enough of a voice in government today!

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