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Wayne Root Media Update

Posted at LP blog

LNCC Chairman Wayne Root Has Busy Election Week in the Media- including FOX News Appearance
posted by Wayne Allyn Root on Nov 01, 2010

Libertarian National Congressional Committee Chairman Wayne Allyn Root has been in demand by the media in the days leading up to Election Day (November 2nd). Root has over 20 media appearances scheduled in just the past few days. On Wednesday Nov 3rd, Post-Election, Wayne will appear on FOX News on “FOX & Friends,” the #1 cable TV morning show in America, to analyze the election results.

Here is a sampling of Wayne’s media appearances in the past week:

*Wayne’s column published in Las Vegas Review Journal
*Wayne’s special election column published in Las Vegas Review Journal
*Wayne’s column published at
*FOX News Appearance- “Fox & Friends”
*Wayne is Guest Host CBS Radio (KXNT) Las Vegas, Nevada
* “Pittsburg Now with Chris Moore” NBC TV & Pittsburg Cable News Channel
*”The Big Biz Show” National Radio
*”The Big Biz Show” Wayne is Guest Host on election day
*”The Big Biz Show” National Radio
*”Point of View with Kerby Anderson” USA Radio Network
*KSAL Radio “The KSAL Morning News” Salina, Kansas
*KLZR/KLWN Radio “The Chris Merrill Show” Lawrence, Kansas
*WGTK Radio “The Les Naiman Show” Louisville, Kentucky
*KIRO Radio “The Dori Monson Show” Seattl;e, Washington
*KFAQ Radio “The Pat Campbell Show” Tulsa, OK
*KXNT (CBS) Radio Guest Appearance Las Vegas, NV
*”Captain’s America Radio” National Radio

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  1. Carol Moore Carol Moore November 11, 2010

    All I can say is, I hope the two perennial LP Prez candidates will CONTROL THEMSELVES this year and get behind someone who can beat Wayne I AM A FAMOUS TV PERSONALITY Root. He’s such an egomaniac it terrifies me to think of how far off the track he’ll go if ever gets the nomination. He must be subdued into obedience if he is to be the candidate. Just like Ron Paul was in 1988. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Carol the whip mistress

  2. paulie paulie November 11, 2010

    Just figured out how to keep on top of “topics of interest” on this site – use google alerts, typing in this site only. WEEEEEE!

    We’re like the human resources of the alt-party/independent candidate universe!

  3. Carol Moore Carol Moore November 11, 2010

    OK if I root around some more I can find out if Wayne Root raised less for the LNCC than he did for his run for Chair of the LP. Just figured out how to keep on top of “topics of interest” on this site – use google alerts, typing in this site only. WEEEEEE! So I’ll get my factoids straight. Of course, if there was an web page instead of just self-promoting Wayne Root blog entries about LNCC, people wouldn’t have to go out of their way to figure out the facts, would they? Transparency is best way to ensure trust. Frankly, how can someone trust a guy who tells the New York Post he’s one religion and Fox News and this site he’s another religion (most denominations of the latter one being strictly against gambling). The kind of thing that makes critics out of neutral parties, and even partisan ones………………………

  4. Be Rational Be Rational November 11, 2010

    Carol Moore,

    The LNCC has reported donations as posted here on IPR and reposted above that total: $7,500.

    The Libertarian Donors Club donations, also posted here on IPR total $11,350 including the total of the personal donations of Nick Youngers and George Whitfield, but without including unknown donations of those who chose to follow their recommendations.

    George Phillies has a PAC that raised and spent some funds on behalf of some candidates. Amounts unknown, but they may be here on IPR somewhere.

    The LNC apparently made no donations in support of any candidates or campaigns, other than ballot access, in 2010.

    This information is from other threads here on IPR.

    You’re welcome.

  5. Be Rational Be Rational November 11, 2010

    Libertarian Donors Club

    These are the personal donations of the founder. George Whitfield followed with $250 more to each campaign. An unknown number of others followed as well.

    Eric Cooper IA Governor $1,000

    John Babiarz NH Governor $1,000

    Warren Redlich NY Governor $1,000

    Travis Irvine OH US House $2,400

    Bill Yarbrough OH State Senate $ 200

    Robert Nowotny TX State Rep $ 250

    Heather Scott TN State Rep $ 100

    Tim Mullen PA State Rep $ 100

    Rex Bell IN State Rep $ 100

    Lawrence Binsky OH State Rep $ 100

    Christine Smith CO State Rep $ 100

    Nicholas De Laat WY State Rep $1,000

    Brendan Kelly NH State Rep $ 250

  6. Be Rational Be Rational November 11, 2010

    LNCC Gave a Lot of Money // Oct 22, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    at least for a Libertarian PAC.

    … from George Phillies, and the record from the FEC filings of the LNCC is clear:

    35 Mistletoe Lane
    Levittown, New York 11756
    Public Relations: $900.00



    7221 HAGUE RD
    INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana 46256
    Contribution: $500.00

    PO BOX 5327
    SAN JOSE, California 95150
    Contribution: $500.00

    PO BOX 4533
    ROANOKE, Virginia 24015
    Contribution: $1000.00

    1314 W. McDermott Suite 106, Box 722
    Allen, Texas 75013
    Contribution: $1000.00

    Earl for Secretary of State
    10232 Middleton Pike
    Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
    Contribution: $500.00

    Friends of Brendan Kelly
    PO Box 631
    Seabrook, New Hampshire 03874
    Contribution NH State House Rockingham D: $500.00

    Friends of Rex Bell
    17059 State Road 38
    Hagerstown, Indiana 47346
    Contribution IN State Representative Dist: $500.00

    Heather Scott for State Representative
    P.O. Box 314
    Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37121
    Contribution TN State Rep Dist 57: $500.00

    Jacob Dawson for Ohio
    599 Cross Creek Circle
    Wilmington, Ohio 45177
    Contribution OH State Representative Dist: $500.00

    Norm Westwell for Hungtington Beach Cit
    17171 Englewood Circle
    Huntington Beach, California 926475502
    Contribution Huntington Beach CA CIty Co: $500.00

    Steve Kubby for South Lake Tahoe City C
    PO Box 13591
    South Lake Tahoe, California 96150
    Contribution South Lake Tahoe CA City Co: $500.00

    Vote Mullen
    193 Riverside Drive
    Factoryville, Pennsylvania 18419
    Contribution PA State Rep Dist 120: $500.00

    Yarbrough for Ohio
    6300 Hilltop Trail Dr
    New Albany, Ohio 43054
    Contribution Ohio State Senator Dist 3: $500.00

  7. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi November 11, 2010

    cm, huh? Did you read the headline…it’s a recap of media events? Root and the LNCC have reported their expenditures, didn’t you notice?

    More importantly, has it not been your experience that ill-will-motivated gadflys generally are not considered credible?

    Are you OK?

  8. Carol Moore Carol Moore November 11, 2010

    But no mention of how much money he raised and how much he gave to who? Will LP members ever find out?

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