23 thoughts on “Winona LaDuke in 2012?

  1. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    Remembering that I used to be enrolled in the Green Party, and am not, now. Here is my humble opinion:

    Winona LaDuke is a wonderful, wise human being. I would support most of the work she does.

    I don’t think Winona LaDuke understands or believes fully in third party politics. She ran for VP with Nader one time. But, after that, she seemed to bail on him, and did not encourage him to run or people to support him for President.

    Since Cynthia McKinney ran last time, and did well. And, since Cynthia McKinney has not said she won’t run this time, these draft campaigns can be set-ups to divert greens from focusing on McKinney, and setting up organizations early.

    Though, everyone has a right to run for the nomination. And, everyone has a right to support who they want…

  2. Huh?

    “Cynthia McKinney ran last time, and did well.”


    Behind even the Constitution Party despite the fact her name appeared on more voters’ ballots.

  3. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Huh? // Nov 16, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    “Cynthia McKinney ran last time, and did well.”

    [Lake: Mrs Wilder and her husband live in their own universe and their connection to others, the conventional wisdom is tenuous —— and that is from their so called ‘friends’.]

  4. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    Donald Lake,

    Because I care what people think of me, when I see your critique, I usually try to remember what bothers you. Then, I remember it is some weird stuff like that I should change the name of the Green Party or something like that.

    Whatever. Hope you can find someone else to focus on.

    But, it is really strange that you say “my friends” say bad things about me. I guess you mean because I was a green and some green party people say bad things about me?

    I dunno.

    But, I did leave the party for a reason. There are some annoying people at the top, and maybe that is who you keep referring to??

    Please leave me alone. I don’t know whether your constant attention is more tedious, or more boring. But, it is definitely unwanted. And, I can’t see how it is useful to you or anyone else.

  5. Carey Campbell

    Thanks for the post.

    Really enjoyed meeting Winona LaDuke in 2000 at a Green Party event. Charming lady. Funny. Smart.

    Glad to see her staying active.

    It’s my memory that she and I talked about her also having been on the ballot with Mr. Nader in 1996.

    Here’s the Green Pages Nader/Laduke campaign report from “1996”.

    It would be interesting to see Green Party’s Winona LaDuke run as a Green Party candidate for local, or state office in 2011.

    Winona would make a fine Green Party candidate at any level. Have often wished she would run for Congress, Senate, Governor, or state legislature.

  6. MN Indy

    Not much to see here. As I recall, LaDuke effectively bailed on the Greens and third parties in general after 2000, and endorsed Kerry and Obama the last two Presidential cycles. She might have limited impact if she were to run for MN Governor. It might at least put the Greens back to 2002 levels and perennial candidate Ken Pentel to bed. I still doubt she would break 5% though, and wouldn’t get in the debates since the MN GP lost its major party status ages ago.

  7. paulie

    The spell is wearing off on a lot of Obama supporters. More and more people are seeing through the Obama deception every day….

  8. Deran

    This seems highly unlikely if McKinney is interested. I think LADuke 2012 is even less likely than Cindy Sheehan running on some unified left ticket, again, especially if McKinney is going to run. And considering how very late in the year McKinney officially declared, that makes it more difficult for other candidates to build momentum. Within the GP and outside the GP on the Left.

  9. Carey Campbell

    Michael Bloomberg changes everything, if he decided to combine Independents, Independence and Green Parties to form the nation’s Third Major party, and that could be The Green Party.

  10. paulie

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch…





    Previous comment thread at https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2010/11/lynne-williams-thanks-her-supporters/

  11. Daniel Surman

    @MNIndy, if LaDuke wanted to run for Governor she would need to wait for 2014. There is a Senate race in 2012,where Democrat Amy Klobuchar is expected to be pretty safe.

  12. Dennis

    @14 There is no way Bloomberg would ever run Green. First, he is out of line with their fiscal policies.

    Secondly, the Greens are a pariah because of 2000.

    Third, any candidate who wants to run a real, legitimate nationwide campaign, and attract a good percentage of the General Election outcome, would run as an INDEPENDENT.

    Remember how well Ross Perot did as an independent compared to how he did as a Reform candidate? Many speculate voters are more comfortable supporting an independent than a third party.

    Fourth, the Greens have become a haven for anti-Semites and New Black Panthers. Bloomberg, aside from being Jewish himself, would never step into such a racialist environment. Look at all the slack he got for associating with Fulani!

  13. Laine

    I very much doubt it. My family is relatively close to LaDuke since my mother and her father have been very active in Native American rights and have worked with her on several occasions. Last time I talked to her in 2009 she expressed no interest in running and reinstated her support of President Obama.

  14. tiradefaction


    The difference in Perot’s vote percentage had a lot more to do with getting into the televised debates than him running as an independent (he wasn’t allowed into a single debate during the ’96 election)

  15. Dennis

    @ 22,
    Did I say the difference in the percentages was due EXPLICITLY to his party affiliation?

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