Mik Robertson to be on IPR Radio 12/30/10 at 9:00 EST

I will interview Mik Robertson tomorrow night on IPR Radio at 9:00 EST.

Mik Robertson is the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. He has served in several local offices, including Chair of the Licking Township Board of Supervisors and Vice-Chair of of the Clarion County Sewage Association. In addition, he has run for elected office several times, including runs for the State House and Senate. As Chairman of the LPPA he has seen statewide candidates forced off the ballot through litigation and the growth of local affiliates.

We will discuss the status of the Libertarian Party in Pennsylvania and where it goes next. In addition, we will talk about the ballot access issues faced by minor party candidates in Pennsylvania.

You can listen to the show at this link. If you would like any particular questions asked, please post them in the comments or call in during the show at  (646) 200-0264.

5 thoughts on “Mik Robertson to be on IPR Radio 12/30/10 at 9:00 EST

  1. paulie

    Thanks for doing the interview. I would have asked more questions, but I think my mic was muted after the first minute or two. Not reading comments here, so call me at 415-690-6352, maybe we can do some more shows in the future.

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