Arizona Greens surpass 5,000 registered voters

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

The Arizona Green Party has increased Party registration to over 5,000 voters. According to the Arizona Green Party, this is an increase of almost 500 Greens since last August. From the AZGP:

2010 marked the 20 year anniversary of the Arizona Green Party and they look forward to broadening their base by educating voters on their progressive positions on local and national issues. “Most people have this notion that a stereotypical Green Party member is this hippy tree-hugging environmentalist, and that isn’t always the case,” says Luisa Evonne Valdez, who was recently elected as AZGP Co-Chair this month. “What people don’t see enough of is the social justice and economic reform that the Green Party fights for. We focus on 10 Key Values that encompass a wide variety of issues. We believe in Single-Payer Health Care for all, we have been against SB1070 from the beginning, we believe in Marriage Equality and Equal Rights/Protections for our LGBTQ communities, we want to Close Corporate Tax Loopholes, fight for fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget that is based on fair taxation and not dependent on sales tax or through slashing funding for our most vulnerable populations. We support conservation of our land and resources, protecting our parks and wildlife, as well issues like strengthening our middle class and increasing green jobs in Arizona through clean energy. The more we can create awareness for the diverse and all-encompassing issues we strive to achieve, the more people will understand that being Green is more than just hugging trees, it is about restoring civility and humanity through compassion and common sense.”

4 thoughts on “Arizona Greens surpass 5,000 registered voters

  1. Richard Winger

    This is the first time Green registration has been above 5,000 in Arizona. Maybe now the party will have the self-confidence to get its registration up to 2/3rds of 1%. If that can be done, by November 2011, the party will be on the ballot automatically for 2012. That requirement will probably be 21,000 to 22,000 registered members.

  2. paulie Post author

    That would take either about $100k minimum, plus some margin so they don’t immediately fall back under, or an enormous amount of volunteer time that they may not have.

    Not saying it can’t be done, but it’s a huge undertaking and will realistically probably take several years at least.

  3. Pima Community College Conservative Tea Party Patriot

    Tie them to stakes and leave them out in the desert with no food and water. Buzzard food.

  4. paulie Post author

    @3 You are one step away from being added to the blocked spammer list. I realize that you are trying to parody tea partiers, but other people don’t. We have received quite a few email about your “death threats.” Apparently at least a few people think you are being serious. And the amount of repetitiousness has also become grossly excessive. Even if it was funny the first few times, it has long since passed that point.

    Kindly cease and desist.

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