David Smith To Run As Republican For Open Senate Seat In Texas

After Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced she planned to retire, speculation soon began as to who would enter the race. One of the first to enter the race is David Smith, a Libertarian who plans to run as a Republican. In 2010 he ran against Republican Ted Poe in TX-02, earning 11.38% of the vote in a two-way race. His campaign included the active support of several prominent Texas Libertarians, including former gubernatorial candidate Jeff Daiell.

Smith describes himself as a ‘Ron Paul Republican’, so it is interesting that there has been some speculation that Dr. Paul, himself a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party and the 1988 Libertarian presidential candidate, may run for Senate as well. There has also been some discussion of Kinky Friedman, a 2006 Independent candidate for Governor, running for the seat, but he currently appears uninterested.

13 thoughts on “David Smith To Run As Republican For Open Senate Seat In Texas

  1. Eric Dondero

    This seat will belong to Michael Williams. Gonna be very difficult to see anyone beating him, including Dewhurst. Williams has the Tea Party behind him.

  2. Steve Susman

    Great, a candidate with the Tea Party behind him. Don’t you mean a neocon then? In all fairness, Is Mr. Williams going to take his direction from the constituents, or will he take his direction from the large corporate donors that fund his campaign? I think Americans have had enough of the latter. Tell Mr. Williams to get ready for the fight of his life, David represents the PEOPLE, and he is not afraid of anything.

  3. David Smith

    I called Ron Pauls office today and was told he was NOT planning on it. But then again, he said this last year when I spoke with him on the campaign trail.

    So, I’m not sure where this rumor is coming from. Again, I called his office today, they have told me he does not have any plans to run for senate.

  4. Joey G. Dauben

    Hold on, Eric. Not so fast…yet.

    I like Williams, but the addition of Ted Cruz definitely puts the Tea Party/Rand Paul-esque target squarely into the Ted Cruz camp.

    I love Ted Cruz, and I really like Michael Williams, but I do believe Ted Cruz is the real Tea Party-worthy candidate for U.S. Senate on the GOP side.

  5. Timothy Yung

    Is David Smith pro-life or pro-baby killing? The abortion issue is what separates a Ron Paul Republican from a normal libertarian.

  6. paulie

    The abortion issue is what separates a Ron Paul Republican from a normal libertarian.

    Not always. There are pro-life libertarians in the Libertarian Party. And, while I can’t think of examples off the top of my head, I’m sure there are probably some pro-choice Republicans who agree with Ron Paul much more than with the Republican establishment, so they can reasonably be called Ron Paul Republicans.

  7. Timothy Yung

    Well there’s a difference between supporting Ron Paul and being a Ron Paul Republican. Ron Paul is one of the biggest pro-life voices in America.

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