Green Party candidate Matt Reichel has pronounced himself the favorite for Chicago Ward 47 alderman

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After the announcement of incumbent alderman Gene Schulter’s departure from the 47th ward aldermanic election, Green Party candidate Matt Reichel has pronounced himself the favorite:

“I am the only remaining candidate who has been actively campaigning and organizing in this ward for nearly two years, as part of my congressional campaign. “

(Reichel was previously the Green party candidate for Congress in the 5th District.)

Reichel, who will now occupy the top ballot spot, continued: “Thirty- Six years ago, this ward elected its first Democrat in the form of a young 20-something with a German last name. This year, we are going to elect Chicago’s first Green alderman in the form of a German descendant with top ballot position.”

The Reichel campaign recently survived a 6-week long legal battle to maintain its ballot spot, due to a relentless challenge by Schulter’s ward organization.

Reichel said: “Schulter’s intent was to get his chosen successor on the ballot, Tom O’Donnell, and then to eliminate any meaningful opposition. Fortunately, their legal challenge to my candidacy was purely a wild goose chase. I am proud to announce that the people of the 47th won in the courts, and on February 22nd, I am confident that we will win this race for the working people of the ward.”

Reichel’s website has more information about his stance on the issues:


Reichel for the 47th

4543 N. Hamilton

Chicago, IL 60625

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2 thoughts on “Green Party candidate Matt Reichel has pronounced himself the favorite for Chicago Ward 47 alderman

  1. Ross

    So I looked up Reichel after seeing this and there was this article from Now in Gay Chicago:

    Gay Chicago Notes: Matt Reichel’s nominating petitions were challenged by John Tuttle. Hearing board officer Mario Correa heard the case. After examining the 510 signatures filed by Mr. Reichel, 247 stood up as valid. Reichel only needed 185 to get on the ballot. A copy of the findings can be downloaded here. (PDF)

    Also, Shulter was the alderman in that district since 1975 and the ward leader of the 47th ward Democrats. Somewhat unfortunately for Reichel, one of his opponents seems to be the favored Democrat and the other is running on a reformist platform. I have no idea what’s going on on the ground in the race, though.

  2. Hillbilly

    Great Green Party news.

    Matt Reichel of the Green Party is applauded.

    Matt has learned one of the most valuable lessons for every Green Party member and Green Party candidate.

    Get on the ballot. Stay on the ballot in every race, every year, as Green Party candidate.

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