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John Jay Myers: “War for Terror” speech and video

From John Jay Myers:

I gave my “War For Terror” speech to a local mostly left leaning group, it was a huge success. I am giving it again Thursday night at the University of North Texas.

During the speech I had mentioned the Libertarian party and or philosophy several times. To my surprise during the question and answer session, I did not get any questions about foreign policy, everyone wanted to know more about the Libertarian Party.

After answering about 30 minutes worth of questions the moderator stood up and said that if they had that many questions that I should come back and just speak about the party only, I said “I would but I don’t think as many people would show up”. They all raised their hand as having strong interest.

After the event I had four people tell me that they were now voting Libertarian, and one very old gentleman in an Air Force hat tell me that he would meet me any time on any corner to help spread the message. Freedom is popular.

Here are 3 videos of some of the questions, our camera died at about the halfway point. There was another professional videographer there, I may try to get his footage.

John Jay Myers

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  1. paulie paulie January 31, 2011

    @ facebook

    Is Egypt A Neo Con Short Squeeze? (just some thoughts)
    by John Jay Myers on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 2:26pm

    THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS…. could be edited later.

    A short in the stock market is when you have borrowed a stock and then sold it, at some point in the future you will need to replace the borrowed stock, this can be a risky position in the stock market and you are assuming things are going to go your way. In the market you believe a stock is going to go down in value. When this happen you watch in glee.

    But as is always the case with taking a volatile and risky positions, sometimes it goes up, way up, and in the market they call this a squeeze where those shorters have a limited time to make good on their obligations.

    Thus causing the price to jump up…

    Now, let me tie all this together, in the Middle East neo-cons for years have taken the position of keeping a dictator in place against the needs of the people of that country. They didn’t mind spending 1.5 billion dollars of your money as recently as last year to do so, we heard no complaints.

    They didn’t mind because maintaining a neutered Egypt was very much in Israel’s interest, it could be argued very well I think, not in ours.

    But now that the obvious “Gig is up” neo-cons are clamoring to be on the side of right, or against the very dictators they had no problem supporting last year.

    Thus what is going on in Egypt is a Neo-con short squeeze.

  2. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko January 31, 2011

    I’m glad to see JJM getting out there so much. Maybe its just that I see his work more, but it sure does look like he’s doing a hell of a lot.

    Keep it up John Jay!

  3. paulie paulie January 31, 2011

    That is for sure.

    Hope to see him get one of the At Large spots on the LNC or maybe run for president.

  4. Gains Gains February 1, 2011

    That was one heck of a performance by JJM. Tough, no… VERY tough questions all of them handled with aplomb and alacrity in the answer. It has been a while since I have seen such a well spoken Libertarian. How is he on handling social issues?

  5. Fun K. Chicken Fun K. Chicken February 2, 2011

    Mr. Myers is an excellent speaker.

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