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Libertarian Party blog: Bumbling Omaha Mayor Attempts Chicago-Style Politics as Recall Election Looms

Randy Eshelman at LP blog:

The latest blunder in a string of blunders by Omaha Mayor Jim “I’m not subtle about Omaha” Suttle and his “Forward Omaha” lackeys may impact local charities that help the homeless. Fears are rising that donations to homeless shelters will dry-up if Omaha citizens blame charities for the Mayor’s attempt to bus, then allegedly pay homeless persons to vote early in the recall election.

“Forward Omaha”—the anti-recall group funded and staffed mainly be Suttle campaign insiders—picked up homeless people at shelters, paid them $5 to attend “canvassing training,” then bused them to early voting sites. An investigation into the activities is scheduled to begin next week, the same week a recall election will be held to determine Mayor Suttle’s fate.

Local homeless shelters indicated they had no knowledge of the Mayor’s plan to bus, “train,” and then take homeless people to the polls. One shelter’s manager even denied “Forward Omaha’s” request to pick up individuals at her shelter, but the anti-recall group showed up with buses anyway. A staff worker at the shelter then intervened.

Mayor Suttle, the 50.7% to 48.7% winner of the 2009 Mayoral election that drew 31% of voters, has remained unresponsive and unrepentant throughout his short tenure. Some of the Mayor’s low-lights: committed the city to a lease for a “green” Mayor-mobile at a 25% interest rate, hired staff at nearly double the previous administration’s salaries, ignored City Council approval requirements for the hiring of Washington D.C. lobbyists, declared, “this is the deal of the century” when pressed over bloated police and fire union contract-deals, hired a “Bicycle Czar” from California at a time Omaha couldn’t even pay to fix its potholes, and rammed-through property, restaurant, and wheel tax increases.

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  1. Ford Omaha Ford Omaha December 7, 2011

    Hopefully this won’t affect people’s generosity when it comes to donating to the homeless people in Omaha. It’s not their fault if they were paid and offered compensation due to their situation.

  2. paulie paulie January 23, 2011

    Recall of Mayor “Shuttle”
    posted by Randy Eshelman on Jan 23, 2011

    The recall election of Omaha Mayor Jim “I’ll buy, Forward Omaha will Fly” Suttle happens on Tuesday.

    Expect politicians in Lincoln who are friendly to the Suttle administration to push for more restrictions on Nebraskans’ rights to recall political pals in the future. Especially if the recall fails (see LB 187 & LB 224 for examples).

    Administration lackeys and union thugs are warning of “turmoil” if the Mayor is recalled. We don’t see these as threats necessarily, but they, along with the publication of petition-signors’ names by the Omaha World Herald, are concerning to Libertarians. We believe that if there is ever a situation where some entity should feel intimidated, it should always be the government, not the public.

    Most politicians of course, seem to believe individuals’ rights are a nuisance to their objectives. Omahans can remind them on Tuesday that our rights come first and the inconvenience to government is not even in the equation.

  3. Solomon Kleinsmith Solomon Kleinsmith January 23, 2011

    I live in Omaha… and I sadly voted for this joker. I want my vote back… this is but one of a growing list of reasons why.

    The only reason he won last year was because his opponent, who had been mayor years ago, was generally reviled by a significant portion of Omaha, including myself. Suttle won because he was unthreatening and not Daub. Turn out we were wrong about the threat…

    Here’s to hoping at least one of the parties puts up a candidate that isn’t just another one of the same idiots that ran last time. We need a fresh face, a moderate… not one of the people who got us into this mess.

  4. FYI! [More Don Lake] FYI! [More Don Lake] January 21, 2011

    Three runs at ‘just as bad’ Mark Funkhouse in corrupt ole Kansas Shitty. Primary ‘re – election’ in February. On to the top two in March, if no one gets 50 plus one.

    Smelling ‘blood in the water’ there is a crowded field. Know any KCMO voters? Plz beg them to ‘Dump Da Funk’!

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