Libertarians holding MLK Day rally in Nevada at shooting range

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Martin Luther King Jr Day Rally
Saturday January 15th
Bell Vista Shooting Range

A rally honoring Freedom Fighter Martin Luther King Jr. is being
sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Nye County at the Bell Vista
Shooting Range on Saturday, January 15th. The program including two
Pahrump Town Board Members and the Senior Pastor of a local Baptist
church begins at noon.

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of a long line of American champions of
freedom. His message that each of us is one of God’s children endowed
by God with inalienable and equal rights regardless of the color of our
skin has endured long after his untimely death. His life and dreams
will be championed again on his birthday in our small corner of the world.

The program, which begins at noon, features Pahrump Town Board Members
Mike Darby and Harley Kulkin as well as Reverend John T. Boyd, the
Senior Minister of the Second Mission Baptist Church of Pahrump.

Hot Dogs and non-alcoholic refreshments will be available for the crowd.

This rally is being held at the Bell Vista Shooting Range in part to
highlight the racist roots of the more than 20,000 unreasonable
restrictions on our inalienable Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

For questions regarding the rally, contact Jim Duensing, Communications
Director for the Libertarian Party of Nye County at:


4 thoughts on “Libertarians holding MLK Day rally in Nevada at shooting range

  1. Gains

    LOL when I read the title, I winced. Celebrating MLK with a shootout…

    The spirit of the event is great though. It is a timely illustration of how the civil rights movement was co-opted by racists after his assassination. A title reflecting that defining aspect might have been better.

    While the current title does draw attention in a shocking way, it feels like it could cause a significant number of sensitive people to rather dismiss it and Libertarians as passively racist instead of reading it for truth.

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