Local businessman seeks Green Party endorsement in bid for mayor of Rochester, NY

The Green Party of Monroe County, NY is currently seeking a candidate for a special mayoral election in Rochester.  Alex White, a businessman in the town, held a press conference today with 2010 Green gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins announcing his desire to run with the Greens.  A video is included below.  From NBC:

Until today, there was only one candidate for mayor in the March special election. That was the current mayor Tom Richards who shed the deputy mayor title when Dob Duffy left to become lt. Governor. But businessman Alex White thinks the people deserve a choice.

White used City Hall as a backdrop to announce he will seek the Green Party nomination for mayor in the special March 29th election.

White operates a game store on Monroe Avenue and says the last two mayors have been decided in the Democratic primary. But there won’t be a primary because city council has voted 5-to-4 for a special election instead. White says, “For the City Council and the party to decide that they don’t want even that, a primary, it’s embarrassing enough already that there aren’t challengers. And then to not even to want a primary, they’re really saying ‘we don’t care what people want.’ That attitude is just so frustrating.”

From the City Newspaper:

White opposes mayoral control of the city school district, and supports a return to neighborhood precincts for the Rochester Police Department.

The Green Party is soliciting candidates to run on its line, and a questionnaire for potential candidates is online. Interviews will be January 17 to 23. After that, the party committee will meet and make its decision, which should occur no later than January 31.

5 thoughts on “Local businessman seeks Green Party endorsement in bid for mayor of Rochester, NY

  1. Carey Campbell

    An interesting Green Party article, and video.

    Ross, you might want to double-check. Something appears to be wrong with the audio here.

    One question:

    Is that a local, town, county, district, or state Green Party committee that selects the Green Party nominee?

    Will the nominee appear on ballot as (G) or nonpartisan?

    New York allows fusion. Will the Green Party nominee seek other parties nominations. Independence or Working Families would seem possible allies.

  2. Ross Levin Post author

    I imagine it’s a partisan race, because only ballot-qualified parties can run candidates. And I think it’s the county party that’s selecting a candidate, but I’m not sure.

  3. pete healey

    In New York, if a county committee of a party has rules that have been approved by its state committee, the county committee has the authority. Without such an authority, it’s the state executive committee that has ultimate authority in a case like this (although the local party’s approval is required in the first instance).

  4. Kimberly Wilder

    For anyone watching closely…

    There will be a debate whether the Green Party in NY State is a new party – because they just got automatic ballot status – OR an old party, because they did have enrollees before.

    This situation (and, hence, the rules on how to apply to be a Green Party candidate this year) is a murky area, based on the lawsuit that gave third parties a “middle path”, of getting credit for running a Governor candidate, even when they did not achieve the 50,000/automatic ballot status goal, as happened to the GPNYS in 2004.

    So, how candidates get the Green Party line in NY this election cycle will be decided by the state party, the state BOE, and many discussions and arguments about whether the locals/county committees will have any input.

    There are pluses and minuses on both ways of approving candidates and posturing to the BOE this year.

    Stay tuned…

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