Massachusetts: 2012 statewide Federal Libertarian candidates will run on the “Liberty” line

Gold America Group:

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts has restored ballot access for Massachusetts Libertarians. Ballot access was lost in 2008 when LP U.S. Senate candidate Bob Underwood outdid himself and received 3.1% of the vote, making “Libertarian” a political (major) party, and under Massachusetts’ arcane ballot access laws making it nearly impossible for Libertarian Party candidates to get on the ballot. To avoid a repeat of the 2008 event, in 2012 statewide Federal Libertarian candidates will run on the “Liberty” line.

6 thoughts on “Massachusetts: 2012 statewide Federal Libertarian candidates will run on the “Liberty” line

  1. Richard Winger

    As bad as the Massachusetts law is on how candidates get on a small qualified party’s primary ballot, it is not accurate to say it is “nearly impossible.” When the Libertarian Party was entitled to its own Massachusetts primary in 2000, it had on that primary ballot a candidate for US Senate, for US House, four candidates for State Senate, and 14 candidates for State House.

    And in 2002, when it also had its own primary, it put on its own primary ballot candidates for US Senate, Governor/Lt. Governor, Auditor, US House, and 14 candidates for the state legislature.

    And in 2002, when the Green Party had its own primary ballot, it had on that primary ballot candidates for Governor/LtGovernor, Treasurer, and 5 for state legislature.

    And in 2004, when the Greens again had their own primary ballot, it put 5 candidates for the legislature on that ballot.

  2. Cody Quirk

    IMO, maybe Libertarians ought to change their party’s name to ‘Liberty Party’- it’s sounds more appealing, and I guarantee that it will attract more registered voters to your ranks.

    Think about it.

  3. Maybe Not

    Wouldn’t work. For one thing, they would have to get on the ballot in California all over again.

  4. George Phillies

    The core issue is protecting all the other people who want to run on the “Libertarian” line, and we have done that.

    Several locals in recent years have run on other lines, either to avoid the ballot access issue or because they thought they’d do better as an independent or because they were registered ‘unenrolled’ when the ballot access date arrived. Joe Kennedy, who did run on the ‘Liberty’ line, was uniformly described as ‘the Libertarian’. Ditto, independent some years ago.

    Thus, in the real world it is not critical whether you run as Libertarian or Liberty or Freedom, because if you are a Libertarian your opponents and the press will get your party right.

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