Bob Barr: Bill collectors trolling social media sites

Bob Barr at the Barr Code:

Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, can serve as productive and efficient means of staying in touch personally, professionally, and politically; just ask young people in Egypt. However, careless use of such sites poses very real risks to one’s personal privacy, and potentially one’s employment. In fact, lawyers, bill collectors and credit investigators are using these sites to gather information on consumers and others; and using that information in ways the targets probably would not like.

In a recent article, for example, Paul and Sarah Edwards explained that “[p]eople say a lot about their lives on social media, which is how these sites can be used to determine if an individual or company is credit-worthy or, when they are in arrears, to get a bead on whether they can pay their bills.”

This is just one more vehicle creditors are using as they continue to become more aggressive in pursuing debts. Some of these sites allow you to list your …

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4 thoughts on “Bob Barr: Bill collectors trolling social media sites

  1. AyatollahGondola

    We should, of course, not publicly say anything then? Is the greatest danger to us from bill collectors or fear leading to the reluctance to use the first amedment?

  2. Mack Orwelly

    You should publicly say all sorts of things, but be mindful of the facts when you do, and back everything up in multiple places outside of proprietary networks. The link at #1 explains it pretty well.

  3. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    I am lucky enough / unlucky enough not to be overly sensitive to hiring, dating, promotion pressures. While I appreciate moral midgets Doctor Donald Grundman and Cadet Cody Quirk using their real names, I under stand SOME of the ‘nom de plume’ ………..

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