Jimmy McMillan is at CPAC

Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent is too Damn High Party, is at CPAC and appears to be quite the celebrity.

Apparently he plans to announce a run for the Presidency this afternoon.

McMillan said he would make an “official announcement” about a presidential run this afternoon, though the young conservatives gathered around him seemed more amused by his presence than concerned about his positions.

15 thoughts on “Jimmy McMillan is at CPAC

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    I didn’t know how to categorize this one. Earlier I believe McMillian said he was going to run as a Republican so he can run against Obama.

  2. paulie

    Non-Left/Right Parties is where I have been categorizing his Rent Is Too Damn High Party. Since it is his involvement with that party that makes this relevant to IPR, that is where I would categorize it.

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    OK fixed.

    I think it is great news he is running. The reason I love that someone like McMillan is running is because I think the presence of characters like him who can get a platform solely based on looks and oratory without any real credentials, sort of pokes a hole in the pompousness and self-importance of the “real” candidates. Imagine Mitt Romney at some point having to share a stage with this guy. I would pay to see that.

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  6. Bryan

    Can ‘ya hear it…a childs stomach growling…can’t get enough to eat … ’cause the Rent is too damn High…

    I loved that line in the debate LOL

  7. Bryan

    A few other examples…
    The Government is Too Damn Big Party
    Earth is Too Damn Polluted Party
    The Poor are Too Damn Lazy Party
    The Rich are Too Damn Rich Party
    and for Sarah Palin and her tea party brethren…
    Paperclips are Too Damn Complicated Party

  8. Bryan

    But I do have to give McMillan some credit. If you listen to everything he says, he has some very valid points, and some of his ideas could make a difference….problem is, nobody can seem to get beyond his “punch line”.

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