Libertarian Travis Irvine: ‘American Mayor’ movie trailer

Libertarian Travis Irvine has come out with a movie about his run for Mayor of Bexley, Ohio in 2007. Irvine is a professional videographer. His youtube channel for his 2010 Congressional run: IrvineForCongress.

Trailer for the movie, titled American Mayor (H/T Steven Linnabary in IPR comments):

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4 thoughts on “Libertarian Travis Irvine: ‘American Mayor’ movie trailer

  1. paulie Post author

    Email to LPHQ yesterday.

    Wes said it was a good idea. Hopefully we’ll see something done with this…

    Discussed the ideas for social media that Wes and I talked about in person last month with a couple people that know more about this than I do.

    Briefly, my suggestion is soliciting videos from facebook followers of LP, people on LP email list etc.

    Wes’s objection was staff time in reviewing such videos.

    The people that I have talked to seem to agree that a youtube channel (with any needed disclaimer that these are not official party videos) of unofficial LP videos, linked from would work fine for this purpose. Maybe an occasional contest for videos on a specific topic, etc. Use number of views as a rough guide for which videos may be worth staff time to watch, you can just watch the most popular ones.

    If that works, maybe set up something similar for images/graphics.



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