Pennsylvania Elected Official Switches from Democrat to Independent

Ballot Access News:

Last month, Schuykill County’s elected Controller, Melinda Kantner, changed her registration from “Democratic” to “independent.” She will run for re-election this November as an independent candidate. According to this newspaper story, she is the first countywide elected official in approximately 100 years who is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Schuykill County is in eastern Pennsylvania, and contains Pottsville. The county has a population of 150,000. In the 2008 presidential election, John McCain carried the county with 53.5% of the total vote. Thanks to Third Party and Independent Daily for the link.

3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Elected Official Switches from Democrat to Independent

  1. AyatollahGondola

    Depends on why she did it. Remember Paul Horcher? Switched from republican to independant in a move to pay off willie brown and then in turn so willie brown could pay off horcher. Their motives are not always as pure as one would hope for

  2. Hayden

    From reading the newspapers and blogs in Schuylkill County it appears that the switch from Dem to Independent was made because the county’s democratic organisation is/was actively working against her re-election.

    If that is the case, it’s always a shame when the one fall back is switching to independent in order to possibly salvage a political career.

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