Ballot Access News: ‘Americans Elect’ Starts Petition to Qualify as Party in California

From an article on Richard Winger’s Ballot Access News website:

Irregular Times has this story, revealing that Americans Elect has begun its petition to qualify as a party in California. The petition requires 1,030,040 signatures. California has two methods to create a new party, either that it persuade a number of voters equal to 1% of the last gubernatorial vote to register into that group on voter registration forms, or to submit a petition signed by 10% of the last gubernatorial vote.

If the 10% petition were the only alternative, the law would have been declared unconstitutional long ago. The U.S. Supreme Court and lower courts have struck down all petition requirements for minor and new parties, and independent candidates, that are in excess of 5% of the number of registered voters. Such lawsuits were won in Arkansas, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Dakota. But the 10% California law has survived because it is not mandatory. The 1% registration method can always be used instead.

Read the original article — and the long list of comments — here.

12 thoughts on “Ballot Access News: ‘Americans Elect’ Starts Petition to Qualify as Party in California

  1. AroundtheblockAFT

    Maybe they should go the 1% route and do what the CalLP did: hire good looking chicks to wear bikinis and cruise the beach getting guys to register Libertarian.

  2. Mark Seidenberg

    Don Lake

    Have you forgot the 1974 election that Governor Moon Beam won. Remember Elizabeth Keathley at Venice Beach in the buff.
    The was the Peace & Freedom Party, candidate
    for Governor of California. The Candidate with
    Nothing To Hide. Also remember the debate
    between John Hosper and Elizabeth Keathley in
    San Francisco.

  3. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorcement

    I remember, and was physically there, but was not a civilian and was not a political Californian. Yes, Ms Keathley, sans photo graphs, snicker, snicker, gawfal, yafual ……….

    *instrumental music* ” thanks for the mammeries …….”

    did you get [a] the standard letter or [b] the easter card ???????

    call, email me / us. urgent but minor things to talk about, that I do not want lying bull dog ‘no job, living with Aunt Nadine, caught posting under sydomdines, getting ready for a second run at the Temple marital chambers (in April) and lying lying lying’ Quirk Boy to know ’bout.

    See you are still trying to ‘turn’ the space cadet from the dark side. Having known Gruntman and Quirkie Boy for a decade, I gave up on both long ago. May be you are just a better man than I.

    Need an excuse to contact Mister Quirk? There’s Easter, and also his up coming marriage number two (SLC ??????? ———- no not Saint Louis County).

    Hey he is not the first dude to get hitched (with out child?) in the middle of a Recession / Depression. Hey he is not the first dude to get married with out a full time ‘yob’.

  4. NewFederalist

    Has paulie dropped out of site for a while to work on this ballot drive? Does anyone know?

  5. NewFederalist

    Now James… that’s being a bit snippy. Bob Milnes would never say anything like that about paulie! 😉

  6. paulie

    Has paulie dropped out of site for a while to work on this ballot drive? Does anyone know?

    Has paulie dropped out of site for a while to work on this ballot drive? Does anyone know?

    Yes. Nt much internet access now.

    415-690-6352 if you need anything.

    Looks like with the new people I signed up this last time plenty of articles are fially being posted without me.

  7. paulie

    Now we know who hired paulie to do ballot access in CA…

    No one has. I’m working on Libertarians in Arkansas.

  8. paulie

    Missed the word “this” earlier. No, I am not working on this one, I am in Arkansas working on LP.

  9. NewFederalist

    Good for you, paulie! The drive in CA for “Americans Elect” seems uncomfortable to me somehow.

  10. Rick

    It appears that Mike Arno has serious problems not related to this petition drive.
    His pattern of conduct since the death of his brother is troublesome for any one who circulates petitions.
    The wife left him over eastern european whore hopping and his significant other stateside.
    On the last two petitions Arno has ‘managed’, he has cheated his workers and lied to his clients.
    His charge backs on electricity were based on a flawed formula (in his favor by 5%-13% depending on county). The more blackstriping a manager did to try to clean it up, the worse they got screwed. Not content with his managers doing his validity skimming for him, he ‘rewarded’ them by hitting them with across the board chargebacks after it was too late.
    On the tobacco tax, he refused to file the petition until he was payed “enough to cover the people who stood in front of the stores”. He then scurried away keeping the money for himself and again leaving people unpaid.
    In this latest fiasco with Americans Elect, he has already had to refund nearly $30,000.00( to Peter Ackerman. While this is not conclusive proof that yet another client caught Arno with his hand in the till,I have never seen a client demand a refund because they had trust in the integrity and/or bookkeeping methods of the consultant.
    His other business ventures haven’t done so well either. His partner Rich Nicholas was arrested at a local mall in a tragic case of mistaken identity. It seems the approchable teenager with family problems he met while trolling chat rooms turned out to be an undercover officer. No one ever figured out the relationship between Rich and Mike, but they did share a fascination with video gadgets and teen trends. It also raises the question as to whether Mike’s tireless fundraisnig efforts to bring a swim center to Rio Americano High School was an act of charity or a cynical ploy to gain access to scantilly clad juveniles.
    APC used to be the most ethical company in this industry. Unfortunately that ceased with the death of Bill Arno and the return of Linda Petrillo to his bookkeeping department.
    Petrillo is there only because she is a semi-skilled liar. Anyone who has had to deal with her sloppy, lazy, mistake prone work ethic knows what I am talking about. Whenever her incompetence is on display she lashes out like a wounded kimodo dragon in a tone reminiscent of a mastodon stuck in a tar pit. She became even worse several years ago when the bank took away her house because she was treating it like an ATM machine. Just recently she was caught lying to unemployment.
    People in this industry know how to find me and if/when he rips everyone off, I’m still in the data business, and available to testify if necessary.
    For the record I stopped doing his programming because I will not work with people who lie and who’s business practices I can’t defend.
    All of the above is a matter of public record or personal opinion. Mike Arno has already been informed by a judge in a court of law as to his lack of legal remedy for anything I have written.
    Just my $0.02

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