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Liberty Underground: Libertarian Party of Florida Chair Questions

Alex Snitker’s Liberty Underground show has a list of questions, eight of which will be asked of the four candidates for Libertarian Party of Florida state chair on the show on the 25th of March at 9AM Eastern.

According to a previous IPR post,

The debate will be moderated by 2010 Libertarian senatorial candidate Alex Snitker. Adrian Wyllie was the former Media Director on Snitker’s campaign and has already been endorsed by the former candidate.. John Wayne Smith was initially the party’s candidate for Governor in 2010, but he and his running-mate (former LPF Chairman JJ McCurry, who quit the post) were knocked off the ballot. Austin Parris is a student at Palm Beach Community College who recently ran for State House as a Libertarian. Char-Lez Branden is the current Vice-Chairwoman of the Party.

And by way of Third Party and Independent Daily:

Engine of the World is the website of Austin Parris who describes himself as “a registered Libertarian Party member residing in the State of Florida (home of beaches, sunshine, and butterfly ballots),” adding, “I am formerly a candidate here as well, having run for state house in 2008-09.”

Parris is also answering questions at reddit.

The chair candidates will compete for election at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s 2011 State Convention happening the weekend of April 30th in West Palm Beach, Florida. Char-Lez Branden and Adrian Wyllie are from the west coast of Florida, John Wayne Smith is from the Leesburg area and Austin Parris is from the north Palm Beach County area.

Another previous IPR post on Adrian Wyllie’s candidacy is here.

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