Reform Party Has More Statewide Nominees in Mississippi than Democratic Party

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Mississippi elects all its state offices in the odd years before presidential election years. The state elects eight statewide state officers this year. Filing for party primaries closed on March 1. The Democrats are only running candidates for five of the eight statewide offices, but the Reform Party is running candidates for seven.

The Reform Party candidates for statewide office are: Governor Shawn O’Hara, Lieutenant Governor Tracella Hill, Secretary of State John Pannell, Auditor Ashley Norwood, Treasurer Shawn O’Hara, Insurance Commissioner Barbara Washer, Agriculture Commissioner Cathy Toole. The only statewide office with no Reform Party candidate is Attorney General.

Filing for state legislative seats ends on June 1. The filing deadline is later for legislative candidates this year because redistricting has not been carried out. Thanks to Steve Rankin for this news. None of the other parties filed any candidates for statewide office, other than the Republican Party, of course.

12 thoughts on “Reform Party Has More Statewide Nominees in Mississippi than Democratic Party

  1. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorcement

    The only statewide office with no Reform Party [of Mississippi] candidate is Attorney General ……..

    [Lake: and dat bee ’cause no one is a member of the Mississippi Bar, tho Shawn O’Hara files briefs and suits like a misguided taylor *legal humor*. Dese bee some strange denizens in the political zoo. In the (gotta have a sense of) Yuma (Arid Zona) Reform Party USA national convention, ‘Father’ O’Hara booked the hotel space as a religious entity.]

  2. Dennis

    Oh please. This is O’Hara’s faction. They are doing it for self gain, nothing else.

  3. Fun K. Chicken

    Would somebody like to fill in those of us who have no idea what the faction fights in the Reform Party these days are about?

  4. Dennis

    Mississippi has two factions. The legally acknowledge one, which had been lead by the late Ted Weill, and then one lead by a fellow named Huffmaster. This is Huffmaster’s faction.

    O’Hara is a fan of George W. Bush. He said abortion doctors should be executed, and he has ties to the Klan.

    Needless to say, he is not popular in the RPUSA.

  5. paulie Post author

    What do you mean by legally acknowledged? If they are not legally acknowledged, how are they able to have candidates on the ballot?

  6. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorcement

    …….. the Independent Party of Mississippi became the official state affiliate of the national Reform Party and renamed itself the Mississippi Reform Party.

    Under the control of the America First Party, the Mississippi Reform Party championed the preservation of Mississippi’s state flag, defending it against accusations of racism and the demands that it be changed. [4]

    Several Reform Party candidates have filed to run in the 2010 Congressional election in Mississippi (but none for any statewide office). [10]

    Among these are Barbara Dale Washer, Tracella Lou O’Hara Hill, and Anna Jewel Revies. [11]

    These candidates are aligned with controversial party figure Thomas Randolph Huffmaster, who claims he is the party chairman, albeit, the Reform Party of the United States does not recognize him as such. [12]

    Huffmaster’s candidates never appeared at the debates, and never even responded to the invitations to partake.

    Huffmaster is aligned with John Blare, who continuously claims to be the national party’s secretary,[13] albeit a federal course case determined he was not. [14]

  7. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorcement

    it will include:

    Reform Party USA – Action Group (en toto)


    While autocratic-rule is showing signs of rapid decline in the changing map almost everywhere in the Middle-East nowadays via the many various “Reform” movements that have sprung up recently across the desert sands –

    ………. here in the USA the so-called “Reform Movement” is all but Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) as either a national or regional movement!

    It has died a death of a thousand-cuts of self-mutilation, suicide, and stupidity as one betrayal after another has gutted the once-promising Reform Party USA (RPUSA) of a decade or so ago, and left it now nothing more than the rotting-corpse of its once-anticipated potential!

    With an aging “leadership” of septuagenarians daily arguing what to watch on their nursing-home-TV, the remnant RPUSA is all but a shell of what its potential was a decade or so ago.

    The RPUSA has lost ballot access from 50 State Party Organizations (SPOs) in 2000 to but 4 for 2012 – and perhaps not even those when the election cycle returns.

  8. Fun K. Chicken

    The bitter factionalism that we get a small glimpse of here is what kills third parties.

  9. paulie Post author

    Followup at BAN. It may or may not be a separate IPR article later.

    Reform Party of Mississippi Plagued by Two Factions, Each Claiming to be Proper Party Officers
    March 4th, 2011

    The Reform Party of Mississippi is split into two factions, each with its own set of state officers. In Mississippi, candidates for public partisan office file with their parties, not with election officials. Seven candidates associated with one faction filed in the party’s primary for statewide office with their faction’s officers. Four candidates associated with the other faction filed for statewide office with their faction’s officers.

    One might think a rational way of settling the dispute would be to have a contested primary, but that will not happen. Instead, the Secretary of State will investigate which set of state officers is the legitimate set, and then the candidates who filed with those officers will be on the ballot, and the others won’t. Mississippi elects eight statewide state officers in 2011, including Governor.
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    One Response to “Reform Party of Mississippi Plagued by Two Factions, Each Claiming to be Proper Party Officers”

    1. Northern Exposure Says:
    March 4th, 2011 at 9:56 am

    The tragic DEFORM Party saga continues…

  10. jimmy

    You know this really is a good idea it allows you to not deal with the hype of a presidential election and concentrate on state politics.

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