Socialist Party USA: ‘Stop the Right Wing Attack on Women!’

by Andrea Pason, Co-Chair Socialist Party USA and Kristin Schall, Chair NYC Local

Access to high quality, affordable healthcare in the US continues to be an obstacle for many Americans. Amidst this, Planned Parenthood has been a haven for a diverse community of women seeking women’s health services. From birth control to prenatal care, Planned Parenthood has been at the forefront of offering women access to all aspects of family planning as well as cancer and STI screenings. This is a vital resource for all women and losing access to these services will affect all women.

What makes Planned Parenthood work so well is precisely the qualities that would make a full socialized medical system work. Planned Parenthood doesn’t discriminate. Everyone is provided equal access. People receive the care they need and no one is turned away. Instead of cutting back, we need to expand these values to all parts of the US medical system.

The recent vote in the House of Representatives to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood is yet another attack on the poor and working class. The Right has used their majority status in the House and Senate as a vehicle for pushing through regressive legislation in the guise of spending cuts, which has been used to cut back social programs and put forward an agenda that is rooted in racism, sexism and homophobia. The proposed cuts to Planned Parenthood is just the latest in a string of bills that chip away at the needs of poor and working class Americans.

The Socialist Party USA opposes the cuts to Planned Parenthood. We believe that access to a broad range of reproductive choices is a right of all women. This includes safe, affordable and on demand access to abortion, as well as access to birth control and prenatal care. We recognize the vital role of Planned Parenthood in providing these services to women who might otherwise not be able to access them. If this defunding bill is approved, it will be disastrous to women’s access to healthcare. For many low-income women, Planned Parenthood is the only available option for women’s health services.

As socialist feminists, we see the cuts to Planned Parenthood, not only as an attack on women’s rights, but as part of a well planned strategy being initiated by the right in the form of budget cuts being enacted across the country. We oppose any and all legislation that would result in cuts in services to the poor and working class or job loss. Instead, we call for a Single Payer healthcare system that would provide quality healthcare to all regardless of their ability to pay. We also call for full funding of all social services as well as a system of full employment. We see these things as fundamental to creating a more equitable and humanitarian society.

Insider strategies won’t work any longer. Lobbying and collecting donations won’t put an end to the attack by the right wing. Our movement for women’s rights needs to learn some lessons from the Madison protests. Strategies of mass protest building towards civil disobedience and other forms of noncompliance are critical tools for changing the political culture in this country. By using this strategy, we can not only defend the rights we have, but also push forward to expand them. If you want to get involved, contact a Socialist Party organizer today!

No to the Attack on Women’s Rights!
No to Austerity!
For Full Access to Reproductive Services!

5 thoughts on “Socialist Party USA: ‘Stop the Right Wing Attack on Women!’

  1. Jimmy Clifton

    I never understood feminist support for Planned Parenthood given its sordid history.

  2. Don Grundmann

    Jerry – You have to step back, close your eyes, and reopen them to a new view of the reality in front of you – A) Planned Parenthood was created by Social Darwinists; those who applied the teachings of Darwin to the social realm. A clue – The real title of Darwins most famous book was ” ON The Origin Of Species AND THE PRESERVATION OF FAVORED RACES.” Darwins book was the philosophical beginning of the Eugenics ( Race Science ) movement; i.e.; the ” scientific ” claim/idea that caucasians were/are genetically superior to non-white ( of any shade but especially blacks ) people. Hence Planned Parenthood ( founded, on the surface, by Margaret Sanger who declared that blacks were/are ” human weeds ” ) was founded as a solution to the problem/question of the Plantation Masters ( caucasian ) of the world – how to control/limit/kill their enemies. Think of it this way – Planned Parenthood is ( was built to be ) to people as Orkin/Raid is to bugs. Abortion has NEVER been about helping women, ” womens rights,” or ( as totally laughably and sickly claimed ) ” health care.” It has always been intended to kill non-whites. Any whites who die(d) ( and of course there have been millions of white children killed ) were simply considered ” white trash ” and A) expendable, in addition to B) being a good cover/excuse for the true racist aims of the program. Go to BLACKGENOCIDE.ORG for the true history of this genocidal attack on humanity, in particular the black community. Now onto B) – the people who founded and funded the Social Darwinist movement are the same people who founded and funded the ” feminist ” movement. They are also the moneybags behind the Socialist Party USA. The authors of the above screed are simply Plantation Master lackeys who are running interference/cover for the real aims of the program. They get a few dog bones thrown their way, as money or simply to preen their ego, in exchange for being the ” ground troops ” of the Plantation Masters; the implimentors ( concentration camp guards ) of their genocide who lead the sheep to the slaughter. They can have their own particualr reasons for loving abortion, like hating men and gaining revenge via abortion, but it is the upper elite controllers who know and love the real aim/idea of abortion – killing their enemies. That is why we fund ” international family planning ” – to kill perceived genetic inferiors wherever they may be. Hence the reason ” feminists ” support Planned Parenthood is that they DO NOT support women in the slightest. They DO support the Social Darwinist ideas which believe that there are ” too many people ” – English translation – too many NON-WHITE people. They are just too bashful ( P.R. conscious ) to finish the sentence since they want to ” look good ” and pretend that they are helping even as they put the knife in the back of their targets; in this case women, blacks, poor, and the working classes. The bottom line is that the Socialist Party USA; as with virtually all other major parties in the nation, including the wing of the Republican party controlled by the ” moderates,” are in favor of abortion and hence of the genetic ideals of the Social Darwinists. Only the Constitution Party stands against the genocide of the Social Darwinists. We totally reject their lie/claim of genetic superiority and stand in defense of all of humanity; both born and unborn. Where the Socialist Party USA, and all other supporters of abortion, are willing to kill countless children ( with one-half being women ), we stand in defense of women, children, and humanity as a whole against its enemies who have not the slightest hesitation, qualm, or bit of conscience in killing millions for the sake of the victory of their ideals. Social Darwinists, as with the authors of the above screed, are in fact enemies of humanity. They have killed millions already but they can and shall be defeated.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  3. Abort Non-Whites Only

    Most of the White Separatist movement today has no logical or coherent position, on abortion.

    A majority, in the Right Wing oriented racialist movement, rightly perceive massive White abortion as further impacting the survival of the White race. Unfortunately, this position is more tied to those with a religious position, usually Christians. These same people are usually silent, on how the increased birth rate among non-Whites is just as deadly to our race’s survival, especially in North America. Even if they do speak about this issue, they do not address the obvious logic, which is that lack of abortion and birth control among non-Whites.

    On the other extreme, many support abortion, as a means of helping to limit an explosion of massive proportions. These people do not address the fact that future leaders and thinkers, of our race, are being destroyed by the millions. What is worse is that it is self induced.

    There is a logical answer. Very little abortion should be tolerated, among our White race, while at the same time, abortion and birth control should be promoted as a powerful weapon, in the limitation of non-White birth. Overt support of both non-White population control and non-support of abortion for Whites, has the same desired effect.

    Promoting WAR’s position confuses and angers the churches, with their anti-abortion position, and at the same time angers and frustrates the abortion proponents’ position, as well. WAR’s position on pro-White life is effective and workable.

    Imagine a few large signs showing up at anti-abortion demonstrations. For example, a sign which boldly states, “Support White Life” or “Stop White Genocide”. That would create an all new debate. At the same time, signs for a pro-abortion demonstration might state, “Free Choice For Non-White Abortion” or “Minorities Have Abortion Rights”.

    Among non-Whites, invest in ghetto abortion clinics. Help to raise money for free abortions. Abortion clinic syndicates throughout North America, that primarily operate in non-White areas and receive tax support, should be promoted.

    A note of caution: both sides in this issue, have a propensity for violence. When you join in a demonstration, on either side, have back-up with you. This is just in case the peace loving anti-Abortionists or pro-Abortionists become hysterical.

    The Brown and Black races are boiling over in every non-White country. There is no shortage of non-White people.

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