Constitution Party National Committee Urges Virgil Goode to Seek Its Presidential Nomination

From Gary Odom:

The National Committee of the Constitution Party, meeting in Harrisburg, PA, has, by unanimous resolution, adopted on April 30, 2011, put itself on record urging former Virginia Congressman, Virgil Goode, to seek the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party!

Immediately upon conclusion of Virgil Goode’s speech; one in which he extolled the virtues of protecting America’s national sovereignty, condemned foreign aid and demanded the the United States start taking care of America’s problem first instead of meddling in the affairs of the rest of the world, providing a rousing climax to the 2011 Spring National Committee of the Constitution Party; a motion from the floor was made, urging Goode to seek the Constitution Party’s Presidential nomination. Th motion was quickly seconded and was passed unanimously by the party’s national committee.
(The full text will be available in a later edition)

This resolution should not be confused with a nomination (which can only be made by the national convention–the highest authority of the national party) nor even an outright endorsement, however it can certainly be viewed as a statement of deep appreciation for Virgil Goode’s activities in the Constitution Party over the past two years and may equally be viewed as a clear statement that the National Committee views Virgil Goode as an excellent choice to be the Constitution Party nominee for President of the United States and for that reason strongly encourages him to seek its nomination.

Goode has made it clear to members in private and public comments at the meeting and prior thereto that he has a strong interest in seeking the party’s nomination, though he has made no public announcement to that effect as of yet. Many Constitution Party leaders are hopeful that Goode has a strong campaign well underway by the time of the Constitution Party National Convention in mid-April of 2012, and it was hoped that this resolution would encourage him to take the steps necessary to become a full fledged candidate.

42 thoughts on “Constitution Party National Committee Urges Virgil Goode to Seek Its Presidential Nomination

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  2. D. Lou Shenol

    Mr. Goode needs to take his message into the Republican Primary race. He might receive a nice % of that vote. If and when the RP race fails he needs to continue his quest in the CP race !

    We must burst up the R & D’s support if we are to ever break their control. Mr. Goode’s message has some support and should be heard ! It can be heard better nationally in the RP until after the NH Primary.

    Constitution Party Speaker – Virgil Goode – Part Two:

    Constitution Party Speaker – Virgil Goode – Part Three:

  3. HumbleTravis

    Can we take this as a sign that immigration restrictionism now trumps non-interventionism in the Constitution Party?

  4. Gary Odom

    This was not a “national convention” as the headline suggests, but rather a national committee meeting…as stated in the body of the text. There is quite a significant difference. The national committee is really a ministerial body. The national convention is the highest authority in the party. C’mon now! 🙂 I expect real political junkies to know these things.

  5. NewFederalist

    Oh… I thought you meant Ventura but now I get the subtle humor. Jeez, you must be really old to remember those commercials!

  6. RedPhillips Post author

    Committee /= Convention. Fixed.

    So Gary, who exactly voted? The National Committee per se which is a limited number of people I assume, or all the people at the meeting as a whole?

  7. Trent Hill

    The former, Red. Only National Committee members could vote on the issue.

  8. Red Phillips

    Am I the only one who is vaguely unconfortable with this? As the article says, I know that this is not an official endorsement, much less a nomination, but it strikes me as at the least giving Goode an unfair advantage over the competition.

    Don’t TEA Partiers and other conservatives protest when the Republican Party is seen as favoring a particular candidate in the primary? (Think Greyson vs. Paul in KY or Kirk vs. his competition in IL.) In 2008 didn’t the anti-Keyes folks protest what seemed to be Keyes friendly mailings and e-mails from party central?

    If Goode decides to seek the CP nomination in 2012 is it then essentially a foregone conclusion he will win it regardless of who else decides to run? There are other potential “big names” out there – Jerome Corsi, Roy Moore, etc. Can they expect an equal public courting?

    This looks to have been spontaneous and not pre-planned, but it strikes me as unwise and unfair in hindsight.

  9. NewFederalist

    What does it really matter, Red? The CP (and the LP and GP) are totally irrelevant.

  10. NewFederalist

    Looking for the next Perot type independent who can make a difference,

  11. kevin

    @ Red Moore is good but he is seeking the republican nomination. If he has his name even on one primary ballot then he could not turn around and seek our nomination. Some states wont allow it via the law. I highly doubt corsi would run for office.

  12. Trent Hill

    “In 2008 didn’t the anti-Keyes folks protest what seemed to be Keyes friendly mailings and e-mails from party central?”

    If they did, they don’t understand how a third party attracts big names. The party needs to be able to trumpet big names like this in order to keep the interest (and get the donations from) its members. This time around, it’ll likely be Goode and Moore.

  13. HumbleTravis

    I asked about this in March but nobody responded: Has anybody from the Constitution Party ever tried to contact Paul Craig Roberts or former Colorado State Senator Charlie Duke to run for anything?

  14. Special Agent

    I heard speculation that Lt. Col. Terry Lakin would be a good VP nominee. Anyone else heard this rumor?

  15. Doremus Jessup

    RE: Lakin for VP – sounds like a rumor started by Jerome Corsi. … Corsi/Lakin, now “that’s the ticket”… if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

  16. Austin Battenberg

    Goode isn’t terrible. He was my Congressman when I lived in Virginia and I actually voted for him against Periello (the Democratic challenger). I wouldn’t have voted for him if there were any third party challengers, but it was just those two. He was part of the Republican Liberty Caucus, so he is definitely more libertarian than many of his Republican colleagues, but he is NO Ron Paul. He was very supportive of many of the Bush era programs and wars. He is imperfect and choosing him as the Constitution Party candidate is like Bob Barr for the Libertarian Party. Both are decent people, but are unfit for the nomination because of their comprises on liberty.

  17. RedPhillips Post author

    DJ, I know you were probably trying to be funny, but, Lakin would actually only make sense if the presidential nominee was not Corsi.

  18. D. Lou Shenol

    I don’t understand the love for Judge Moore or Corsi. Judge Moore ran “again” for AL Gov in ’10 in the RP. It was an open seat. He finished fifth ! NO mass appeal to voters!

    I was in the dollar store a few weeks back and Jerome Corsi’s 2009 book was there $1 a piece. Which might be good to spread the books message, but doesn’t speak well to his appeal to America. He is good on most points, but he does have a slight speech impediment which just doesn’t work for politicians.

    I too don’t agree with this committee jumping the gun like this, however Goode would be the “biggest” name of anyone so far that I’ve heard mentioned! With that said, I doubt if 90 % of US citizens have ever heard of Virgil Goode. Hence he needs to enter the RP primary race to build his national name ID and build a national following. Play to WIN if you play the game !

  19. Red Phillips

    DLS, Corsi would have some explaining to do on foreign policy, particularly his obsession with Iran, but Corsi could potentially reach people other CP candidates can’t.

    Corsi’s upcoming Obama book has already hit #1 on Amazon after Drudge linked to it, and many have speculated that Corsi’s book hitting #1 was one of the things (in addition to Donald Trump of course) that caused Obama to realease his alleged long form bc.

    Corsi could conceivably collect the votes of “birthers” and WND readers who would not normally vote third party, particularly if his upcoming book makes a strong case and the GOP nominee brushes off the issue.

  20. Red Phillips

    @ George Phillies

    Sure Obama would view splitting the Republican vote as a positive. This gets at what you believe the role of a third party to be. One role of a third party is to punish the major party closest to you for being insuficiently faithful in the hopes that, sufficiently chastised, they won’t do it again. One consequence of this strategy is that it, temporarily at least, helps the major party farthest from you. This is why getting conservatives to vote third party to punish the GOP is such a hard sell.

    “Birthers,” who are frustrated with having their concerns brushed off by both major parties and the MSM represent a potential pool of voters frustrated enough with the GOP that they would be willing to cast a punishment third party vote.

  21. Red Phillips

    HumbleTravis, I don’t know if anyone has contacted Charlie Duke.

    Re. PCR, in 2008 when some of us were desperately seeking a candidate to head off Keyes, I actually brought up PCR, but don’t know if that idea ever got beyond my own room. I recall discussing the pros and cons of a PCR candidacy but can’t remember the venue, TPW perhaps. Perhaps privately with Trent.

    PCRs columns could get rather intemperate at times which would be a liability, but he comes off as much more toned down in person. I don’t think he has changed his basic views, but for whatever reason he has increasingly associated himself with leftists of a certain sort, like the CounterPunch crowd. This too could be a liability.

    He also endorsed single payer health care, but it didn’t seem like it was because he thought this was ideal. It seemed more like he was throwing up his hands declaring the current system unfixable and any possible “solutions” too likely to dictated by big insurance and big pharma to do any good.

    His economic stuff has become increasingly populist and hostile to big business, a sentiment I think the CP could exploit, but I’m not sure PCR is a consitutionalist at this point. He may be too much of a hard nosed realist to be a constitutionalist.

    BTW, PCR was listed as one of the potential candidates of the Citizens Party that were listed here a couple of weeks ago, but that could have been people just throwing out names. It doesn’t mean PCR has expressed interest.

  22. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Special Agent // May 7, 2011:
    “………. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin would be a good VP nominee ……………”

    California AIP’s Ed Noonan acts as if he is the unofficial Lakin PR guy. Lakin / Lakey is a distant relative of mine. Die hard ‘birther’!

    Speaking of Opeach Obama, the window for Opeachment is inching closed ——– possibly nailed shut with ‘Commander In Chief’ of SEALS Force Six bull shit.

    [For an even handed non partisan whom is not playing the party card ———— he is not!]

  23. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    “LTC Lakin’s numerous awards and decorations include the Army Flight Surgeon Badge, Combat Medical Badge, the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with one Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star, the Armed Forces Expedition Medal, the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon sixth award and the NATO service medal.

    “For well over a year, LTC Lakin has asked through his chain of command and his Congressional delegation for proof that President Obama is Constitutionally eligible to serve as his Commander-in-Chief.

    He has explained to his superiors that he cannot understand how his Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution does not allow military officers to pursue this proof of eligibility.

    “LTC Lakin received military orders in late February for deployment to Afghanistan, including a requirement that he provide “copies of his birth certificate.” [1]

    Last December, that honorable man who faithfully served this country for 18 years lost his freedom.

    Why? Because the putative president simply refused to produce his long form birth certificate.

  24. Trent Hill

    The CP has plenty of options. It doesnt need Lakin or Duke.

    To me, I’d say the contenders this year will be Goode or Moore, or perhaps some combination thereof.

  25. Montana

    Dishonorable discharge Terry Lakin, is a fool, who needs him!

    Our president had already showed his US birth Certificate to;

    1. Get a US Passport;

    2. Become a US Senator;

    I feel sorry for all the little Birthers, It’s not their fault; it’s your families’ fault that taught you that you were better than other people based on race, creed ethnicity, color, nationality or sex, in short they engrained in you their hate (what a legacy).

    But you know at some point you need to grow up and act like an adult and think for yourself and distinguish what is true and what is BS.

    But there is where the little Birthers find yourself because we all know it was never about a birth certificate or grades, because we all know you want to go around wearing white sheets, burn crosses and hang people who are not like you, we know that your growth is stunted in your hate, and hate is what this is all about, you will never win anymore, and I feel sorry for all of you.

    I can only imagine when our President is re-elected what you phonies will lie about next. Oh, and just know, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck, the little Birthers are a bunch of racists!

  26. Don Grundmann

    Montana – You are a very sick dude though, unfortunately, as common as sand. I say this because of the indentifying clue which you leave – your nitwit usage of the word ” hate.”

    Opposition to Obama may indeed come from a small minority ( less than .01% at the most ) in regard to his race. The vast majority ( 99.9%+ ) comes from A) his policies, and B) ( especially ) his character. I suggest that you learn, if you have the intellectual courage ( which I severely doubt ) about ” The Negro Project.” Barack Obama is its greatest creation. He is a total supporter of the greatest enemy of his own community – Planned Parenthood. Go to BLACKGENOCIDE.ORG for the evidence. He is a lackey/water carrier/house negro/Uncle Tom of the controllers of our nation; those who are the engine of population control and Planned Parenthood. He is a betrayer of our nation and of his own people. He is an enemy of humanity.

    Your splashy usage of the word ” hate ” in regard to any opposition to Obama is a symptom of those who are A) anti-God, B) anti-Christian, and ( especially ) those who are intellectually unable to address opposition to Obama ( or anything else ) and instead resort to a standardized smear ( racist, sexist, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., yada, yada over and over ) to cover up for your intellectual bankruptcy; i.e.; stupidity.

    Lastly, Planned Parenthood has killed literally millions ( and still counting ) of blacks; many orders of magnitude more than ” people wearing white sheets ” have ever killed and no doubt could ever dream of killing or even be capable of killing. If you support Planned Parenthood in any way it is YOU who are, in fact, the racist in this discussion.

    ” your growth is stunted in your hate ” of God.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  27. Kevin

    1 = US President/ Our Country
    0 = Bin Laden/ Birthers/ Trump/ Huckabee

    The “TRUTH will set you free”, you are free now, move along nothing to see here just more GOP lies!

  28. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Mister Red, I believe Lt Col is originally from the Carolinas and is possibly a distant relative of mine.

    California’s American Independent Party long timer Ed Noonan is a west coast proponent.

    I am not a birther on John McCain or Obama, my Yokohama Moma. I do consider both political thugs! And do not have much of a positive feeling toward Palin or Biden.

    I mostly post stuff from Noonan’s private email to me. I admire and respect him and his history.

  29. Red Graham

    Bottomline: Obama was born a British subject in Kenya before his Indonesian adoption. He was never a ‘natural-born Citizen’ and is therefore illegally in The Whitehouse.
    Impeach the usurper now!

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  31. Don Grundmann

    ” I mostly post stuff from Noonan’s private email to me. I admire and respect him and his history.”

    Response – This is totally understandable as Noonan is an ultracorrupt liar, coward, and traitor. So of course YOU would be one of the 5 other liars, cowards, and traitors who admire and respect him. All other liars, cowards, and traitors – his natural constituency – simply don’t yet know that he is to be found in their outhouse where they can easily find him by looking down the hole. His moral and literal criminality is documented at

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

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  34. California's previous warnings ............

    Correcting Kevin // May 19, 2011:

    zero = US Presidents, including Obama, My Yokohama Momma and the Bush League twins

    lethal blow[s] = Bin Laden / national debt / Trillion Dollar house to house quagemire in the Mid East [as predicted since Viet Nam and shouted from the roof tops since Gulf War I] / The 1960s / 1970s HATE of the world, well deserved, as we put on ear muffs adjust blinders and RAN into the mine field!

    Proof positive, give it a couple of decades, we blew it, and the other guy won / will win!

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