NY: Suffolk County Independence Party ignores local choice

Full story at: The East Hampton Star
Independence Reversal
County party ignores local choice; Cohen out

by Alex De Havenon / July 21, 2011

In a move the chairwoman of its local [East Hampton] chapter, Elaine Jones, characterized as a “back room deal,” Zachary Cohen has been replaced by Bill Wilkinson [registered Republican] as the Independence Party candidate for East Hampton Town Supervisor. “I am so upset,” she said Monday…

It is now too late to run a primary. “Our 944 [party members] should have been given the right to choose,” Ms. Jones said.

In a May release endorsing Mr. Cohen, Ms. Jones wrote, “Although the decision was a difficult one, many of the Independence Party members felt that because Zach Cohen is neither a registered Republican or Democrat, he will be an independent thinker and represent all the people of East Hampton Town.” In the previous, 2009, election, the party endorsed Mr. Wilkinson, a Republican who had also received Conservative Party backing…

Background: In New York, the Independence Party is a ballot-qualified party. Under New York law, there is “fusion”, so a candidate can run on more than one party’s line.

8 thoughts on “NY: Suffolk County Independence Party ignores local choice

  1. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    ………… and a few years ago Independence Party of New York Frank MacKay flew all the way to Sacramento and snuck a $500 check into the palm of America First Zionist and Reform Party of California John Bambey.

    Weeks later MacKay was named the national CEO of the Reform Party USA, a non existent position!

    Ah we literally hate the Republicrats and Democans for inappropriate behavior and yet see it in the ‘Loyal Opposition’ every day of the week!

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    A somewhat random comment on the Independence Party of NY:

    As any political party, the IP of NY definitely has its problems and imperfections. Though, one reason I think it is important to think about and write about the IP of NY is that there are real, sincere, people who register in the party. These voters (some of them confused into thinking they have registered “independent” –which is actually “blank” in NY) deserve a certain amount of concern.

    If newspapers and media could take the time to research and write about what was happening in the small parties, there would be a chance for the problems to get some airing, and the people inside them to wake up a bit.

  3. eric sundwall


    The Independence Party gets quite a bit of coverage. Usually centering around the mind numbing conformity and corruption it represents.

    I’ve come across many of these disgruntled ‘good folks’ while petitioning and they’re usually quite happy to see a Libertarian running.

  4. Dennis "DJ" Mikolay

    The IPNY is arguably just as corrupt and self-serving as the Democratic and Republican Parties in that state, if not more so, because they are willing to sell their ballot line to anyone regardless of their political ideals (the Democrats and Republicans, on the other hand, tend to stick to an either left or right allegience).

    Those “good folks” who are in the IPNY are leaving in scores.

  5. Concerned Chuck and Hetro Harry

    What’s with this “Independence Party”? If they don’t like being a part of the United States they should get the hell out of here and move in with their buddies in Afghanistan. Our democracy if for God-fearing Christians who vote as the bible tells them to, not the Pope, not Joseph Smith, and not Shariah law!

  6. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Thank you Dennis /DJ Mikolay. I have found both of the Wilders to be rather insular and also extremely, very, clue less.

    At least, after a couple of years and numerous formal complaints to Yahoo! the Wilders are no longer shipping unwanted babblings to my email.

    Random, yep, that is what they are all about!

    No thank to the Wilders.

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