Constitution Party of North Carolina Moneybomb this Weekend

From Gary Odom:

The Constitution Party of North Carolina has risen, almost literally, from the ashes in the last couple of years to become one of the Constitution Party’s most dynamic state affiliates. Their hard work and dedication is a great example for us all. I urge every recipient of this message to participate in the Constitution Party of North Carolina “Moneybomb” this weekend.This fine Constitution Party state affiliate deserves the support of each and every one of us. Let’s make sure they reach their goal! If everyone receiving this message would contribute at least $10 this weekend the North Carolinians could easily surpass their modest goal of $2,000. They will put it to very good use. What will you you do?

Here is the CP of NC website.

3 thoughts on “Constitution Party of North Carolina Moneybomb this Weekend

  1. FAN of Dr. STAN

    Let’s check my math.

    Two Thousand Bucks divided by a $awBuck means only 200 contributer$ are needed. Now is the time to $tart fundrai$ing!

    WHYNOT one of you WHO knows you can afford it match $200 or the full $2,000 !!

    A match means you will match so much if given by such and such time. You put up $500 IF the moneybomb reaches $500 by 5 PM Saturday.

    The Creed-

    Civil Authority –

    The Constitution Party is the only party that acknowledges the sovereignty of God and believes that our rights come from God not government. We are committed to returning our country to government under the Constitution which is based on Biblical principles. The Constitution Party affirms the original Constitutional framework of federalism (sovereign states) and separation of powers, and calls for the repeal of all laws and the elimination of all government programs not authorized by the Constitution. Other parties may call for reducing the size of government, but none of them are committed to Constitutional principles.

    Welcome to a new refreshing ANSWER:

    Where do you fit on the political test?:

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  3. wolfefan

    Just as an FYI for those who wondered, the moneybomb raised $290 per the linked site.

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