Ian Gilyeat: Creating Jobs in America Requires Work


Creating jobs in America is not all that complicated and it clearly is not the job of the Federal government to create jobs. Private sector companies create jobs, individuals create jobs – governments create cost.  Here are a few simple suggestions to create jobs in America:


• Cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% or less – 18% would be ideal.  This will encourage American corporations to bring their cash hordes home and put those dollars to work instead of holding reserves in foreign banks or in foreign investments.


• Cut Federal jobs, wages, benefits and pensions. Like private sector companies driven to bankruptcy by labor unions, the excessive cost of Federal jobs and their public sector unions are sitting on the backs of American tax payers and helping to drive the nation toward bankruptcy.


• Eliminate the capital gains tax. Our present day tax code is built on the idea of “income” and dollars that companies invest should not be taxed when that investment produces a profit – until it is paid out as wages or dividends. For corporations and individuals the capital gains tax is double taxation and should be eliminated entirely.


• Eliminate the Department of Labor (DOL) and let the free market work. Employers want to hire American workers, but the cost to do so is out of balance with the cost of doing business elsewhere. It’s not just the upfront cost of labor but also regulations, pensions and benefit requirements imposed by the DOL that encourage employers to move jobs off-shore.


The ability to work is a God given gift and is tied to the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility and self-reliance. Work enables us to exercise our rights to choose and the right to own property in our personal pursuit of happiness. The Federal government needs to step aside and let us pursue… it is not their place to dictate what we do for work or how much we are willing to accept for that work. We are free men and women and are fully capable of creating jobs and finding work. We just need the long arm of the Federal government to let go and step out of our way.


If you believe the Federal government is over-reaching and has over-stepped its bounds, then forward this email to your friends and family. Ask them to support me with a donation or sign-up on my web site to help gather signatures and put me on the ballot.


As a nation we can return to the principles subscribed to by our Founding Fathers but it will require work – and lots of it!


Warm wishes,

Ian Gilyeat

Candidate, U.S. Senate


4 thoughts on “Ian Gilyeat: Creating Jobs in America Requires Work

  1. Michael H. Wilson

    First off the U.S. has never had a free market.

    Secondly at the state and local level there are numerous barriers to work that need to be abolished; everything from licensing laws to laws that restrict the private ownership of transportation services to laws limiting what you can do in your own home business wise.

  2. Tom Blanton

    Cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% or less – 18% would be ideal.

    Why not eliminate corporate taxation altogether? That would be ideal. Put the tax lobbyists on “K” Street out of business and level the playing field for small business.

    Anyway, corporate taxes are paid through higher prices, lower wages and/or lower dividends.

    Eliminate the Department of Labor (DOL) and let the free market work.

    If it were only that simple. There’s about 150 other agencies that need eliminating before American corporatism/fascism would begin to look like a free market.

    Eliminate the capital gains tax.

    Great idea – as soon as income taxes are also eliminated. It is hardly equitable to tax laborers and not money lenders or investors. Income is income.

    Better yet, eliminate the state. Then you’d have a free market along with free people. I guess that wouldn’t be so good for politicians – nobody would pay any attention to their bullshit.

    As a nation we can return to the principles subscribed to by our Founding Fathers…

    Slavery? Central government?

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