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Libertarians Wrights and Gary and several independents are among 17 Texans filed for President with FEC

Anna Tinsley in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram points out that Libertarians Lee Wrights and Roger Gary, Independents Jeffrey “Jeff” Barea, Michael David Elder, John Hoelzel Jr. and Scott Andrew Cain, Eco-Green John “Green” Ferguson and Madisonian Federalist Thaddaus Hill are among 17 candidates from Texas to file with the FEC for President.

The Texans running for President also include Ron Paul (himself a former Libertarian presidential candidate in 1988) as well as current Republican frontrunner Rick Perry and several much lesser known Republicans, and one perennial Democratic candidate.

The eventual Republican, Democratic and Libertarian nominees will be on the ballot in Texas and other states (although the Libertarian may or may not fail to make the ballot in a small handful of other states). The Independent, Eco-Green and Madisonian Federalist candidates are far less likely to appear on the ballot due to
discriminatory ballot access laws. There is also a Green Party currently qualified for the ballot in Texas and a number of other states, but that is not the same as the Eco-Greens, who are not currently on the ballot in any state that I know of. To my knowledge, the Madisonian Federalists are not on any state ballots either.

In addition to Paul, the Libertarians ran Texan Michael Badnarik for President in 2004. Texas resident Mary Ruwart was a close second for the Libertarian nomination in 2008. Republicans and Democrats have also run and elected a number of Texans for President, most recently two Bushes for the Republicans and Lyndon Johnson for the Democrats.

Among Independent candidates, Texan H. Ross Perot was the last to break into double digits in a Presidential race.



  1. paulie paulie September 16, 2011

    I was going by time of running (most of the Texans listed were not actually born in Texas), but thanks for the additional info.

  2. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman September 16, 2011

    Oh, I read further in wikipedia, and it says that Marrou moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, following his 1986 defeat for re-election to the legislature.

    But he was born in Texas…

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