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RJ Harris update: videos and interviews

Posted on the website of RJ Harris, a candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination:

Video of RJ Harris at Liberty Fest 2011 in NYC:

Edmond Sun Article

Lisa Wexler Interview

Liberty Underground Interview

There’s also a campaign announcement video I already posted to IPR earlier, a “welcome to RJ Harris 2012” video that I have not figured how to embed (the still from the video shows Harris with Ron Paul), and near the bottom of the page under Campaign News – “Campaign Enters Battleground States Sept 15 / 2011” with no further explanation as far as I can tell. This may or may not be a reference to Harris helping ballot access efforts, which is noted elsewhere on the site (a revolving image near the top – I see no way to link directly to that). Endorsements and supporters are “updated daily” (the “endorsements” include Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano, although Paul does not name Harris by name and Napolitano does not specifically say he is endorsing Harris over other candidates) and there’s a blogs and questionnaires section which includes a wikinews interview.



  1. 3 Nick Moala // Sep 19, 2011:
    “Yet another looser …………”
    4 LibertarianGirl // Sep 19, 2011:
    “………… for fucks sake , what kind of loser can’t spell loser?”

    ———- gooser – looser ???????

  2. paulie paulie September 19, 2011

    Why do I get the feeling that spelling is the least of Nick’s problems?

    Let’s hear some more about those “strong public schools with good union jobs, benefits and pensions” that you talked about on the Root thread, Nick.

    Are you by any chance a public school teacher?

  3. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl September 19, 2011

    for fucks sake , what kind of loser can’t spell loser?

  4. Nick Moala Nick Moala September 19, 2011

    Yet another looser.

  5. Here's a radical view Here's a radical view September 19, 2011

    Might be one to give consideration to.

  6. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt September 16, 2011

    RJ is running a good campaign so far. His website looks good, and his speech on this video was excellent. It looks like we may have some quite worthy candidates for next May.

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