Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill to Outlaw Paying Registration Workers on a Per-Card Basis

Ballot Access News (excerpt):

On October 7, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 205, which made it a crime to pay registration workers on a per-registration card basis. Because Proposition 14 has left California minor parties with only one means to remain on the ballot, by having registration equal to 1% of the last gubernatorial vote, this veto will help minor parties. The Green, Libertarian, and Peace & Freedom Parties had asked that the bill not be signed. The veto message says, “Voting is at the heart of our democracy. Efforts to register voters should be encouraged, not criminalized.”

Brown also acted on four other election law bills. He signed SB 397, which makes it possible for voters to register to vote on-line.

3 thoughts on “Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill to Outlaw Paying Registration Workers on a Per-Card Basis

  1. Richard Winger

    I hope readers will realize that this is a real victory for California’s ball0t-qualified minor parties. Mark Hinkle, C. T. Weber, and myself, all testified against this bill when it was in one committee or another. No other organizations in California opposed these bills, in these legislative hearings.

  2. paulie Post author


    Absolutely correct. If he had signed this, LP would be in bad trouble in a few years.


    LPUS and LPAlabama have my parents’ address. Last time I visited them was in March, and even if LPUS or LPAlabama forwarded mail to me to their address chances are they threw any such mail out. But a higher likelihood was that it was never forwarded. LP California – I’m not even sure why you send it to them at all? I’m not in the LP database for California. I live in motels and on people’s floors and couches, and move frequently. Therefore, there just is not a good address to send me snail mail; sorry. Only thing I can suggest is scan it and email it to me.

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