Green Party Watch: Special WV Governor election today with Mountain Party candidate Baber

IPR note from Paulie: Independent Marla Ingles and America’s Third Position Party candidate Harry Bertram are also in the race. See Poli-Tea for some details on that.

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

West Virginia is holding a special election for governor today, October 4, and one of the candidates is the Mountain Party’s Bob Henry Baber. The Mountain Party, WV’s Green Party affiliate, has made a name for itself by opposing mountaintop removal mining, which both Democrats and Republicans support and which MP candidates have dubbed “ground zero for global climate change”. WBOY Channel 12 recently interviewed Baber for his thoughts on the election:

“To speak for the common man, woman and child of West Virginia and try to move West Virginia into the 21st century and tell the truth about where we are, running a three-legged race with Mississippi to be the poorest state in the union — and we should be the wealthiest — it can never be a futile effort. You just do what you do and leave it to the voters to decide. Where would the world be without futile efforts?” he said.

“Politics is awful hard to read. I know the people are sick of the negative ads. I feel that I have some wind at my back right now. I think the Mountain Party is going to grow this year.”

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  1. Ryan Brennan

    Paulie, I just wrote up a little article about the third party, independent and write-in candidates in this race. I was going to post it on here but when I finished you had this one posted.

    Anyhow, I just thought I’d mention one of the write-in candidates, which may be of interest to Constitution Party supporters. His name is Phil Hudok ( He has the support of the Constitution Party of West Virginia, was one of their congressional candidates last year and plans on being their candidate for governor in next year’s regular election.

    From Constitution Party of West Virginia (

    Phil is from Huttonsville near Elkins in Randolph County and was the CP’s ballot-qualified candidate for U.S. Congress, 2nd District last year. More information about Phil and his candidacy can be found on his campaign website at

    Phil is also planning on being the Constitution Party’s candidate for governor in next year’s regular election and is in the process of circulating ballot access petitions. He needs to collect over 7,000 valid voter signatures so will need over 10,000 in total. He will then need at least 1% of the vote to qualify the CP so that we can put an end to all of this restrictive and wasteful petitioning nonsense.

    Since the recently drafted special election law prohibits this year’s contest from being able to qualify a political party, the CP needs really good voter turn-out next year. That means visibility which is what Phil and his fellow West Virginia constitutionalists are hoping to achieve with THIS YEAR’s run.

  2. paulie Post author

    I was going to post it on here but when I finished you had this one posted.

    You can still post it here and I recommend that you should.

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