Nader makes a list of potential presidential candidates

(excerpt from) Politico
Ralph Nader pines for Michael Bloomberg, Jim Hightower, others
By Alexander Burns | 10/11/11 12:46 PM EDT

…In a video interview, Nader said Bloomberg’s money would make it possible for him to take a stand against the two-party system…

“I’d like to see Bloomberg run. I’d like to see Jim Hightower run. I’d like to see Bill McKibben run. I’d like to see the champion of single-payer health care, Dr. Quentin Young, run,” Nader said.


Ralph Nader ran for President of the United States with the Green Party, and more recently as an independent candidate. You can keep up with Nader’s thoughts on the world at:

4 thoughts on “Nader makes a list of potential presidential candidates

  1. Deran

    Yes, that’s pretty much what I have heard and read. No one is willing to throw themself under the truck. I don’t think this means there won’t be a Left opponent in the general. And I don’t mean the Greens. But I also think if the Occupy movement takes off, that may suck the energy out of a potential Left presidential campaign?

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